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So, it was his first day back at school since he had turned fourteen- four years after the attack.

That morning, Liam knocked on his neighbours door and was quickly invited inside by a smiling Anne. The woman let him know that he could head up and fetch Harry, but she stopped him just as he headed for the stairs, asking if her sons friend would watch over her boy. Liam agreed wholeheartedly, giving the fearful mother a hug in reassurance.

Whilst Liam and Anne spoke, Harry was sat on his bed, scrolling through Twitter in his 'uniform'. The school wasn't strict with their dress code but they still had a uniform, so Harry had decided on a pair of black skinny jeans, his white school shirt with the sleeves rolled up- showing off his tatted arms- and the schools tie loosely wrapped around his neck.

Harry looked up after sensing a presence in his room, he smiled brightly at the brunette that had wandered in.

"Ready Haz?" Liam asked from the doorway, he didn't feel the need to sign short sentences as Harry was exceptionally good at lip reading. Harry nodded in response, standing from the bed before grabbing his bag and heading towards Liam who was stood waiting by the door.

Liam didn't show any signs of moving though and Harry furrowed his brow, "Gunna go?" He asked in his deep rough tone.

"Yeah, just making sure you're all good?" Liam signed with a small smile.

Harry smiled at the protective lad, chuckling lightly, "Yeah I'm good, got you yeah?"

Liam grinned, nodding his head assuring his mate that he did. The two exited the bedroom and made their way down the stairs. Saying their goodbyes to Anne, who was trying her hardest not to fall apart. Harry just hugged his mum and whispered words of reassurance in her ear before they were out the door.

Both boys smiled brightly at one another as they rounded the fence that separated them from Liam's car. It was a beat up second hand Ford but Liam loved it, it was his pride and joy. They honestly could have walked to school as it wasn't too far but Liam always felt safer driving when he was with Harry. Harry didn't care either way, he wasn't incapable of walking, his other senses had heightened since the loss of his hearing so he was always safe and aware when walking, but he knew that Liam worried about it a lot, so he just went along with it to ease the older lads mind.

The drive was a short five minutes, Harry had spent it watching out of the window while Liam let the radio play quietly. Once they pulled into the car park, Harry's nervousness surfaced.

The teachers were fully aware of Harry's disability and were extremely helpful when Anne had shown interest in the school, so Harry didn't need to worry, but it was still new and a little daunting.

The two sat in the car for a while, Liam just let Harry gather his thoughts for a moment before tapping his shoulder lightly to catch the boys attention. Once Harry had turned to face him Liam started, "So I know it's gunna be weird at first but me and Ni will be in your classes, so you'll always have one of us there." Liam signed, Harry nodded before drawing in a deep breath and taking in his surroundings. "Can I ask you something?" Liam continued once he had caught Harry's gaze again.

"Yeah." Harry replied focusing back on the brunette. Liam coughed clearing his voice, he hoped what he was about to ask wouldn't upset his mate, "I know you hate the attention we get when we sign in public so what are you thinking of doing? Lip reading?" Liam asked, still signing as he spoke just to make sure Harry got what he was saying.

Harry hated people feeling sorry for him, he was perfectly fine, he just couldn't hear, he didn't want their pity. So when the three were out in public together Harry would just lip read and speak, no one ever knew any better.

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