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When i got back to the castle, Xemnas was there waiting for my return, he approached me without hesitation and patted my shoulder.

"Excellent job," he said. "Tomorrow, you will go to Olympus, and you will be accompanied by Ashtcher."

"Ashtcher? That crazy loon, why?"

"He's been there before, and has some....connections with Hades which is who you are looking for....and if you run into someone by the name of Hercules....attack him and take him to Hades."

"Yes Xemanas....does Ashtcer know he's going yet.."

"No...I will tell him tomorrow morning before you leave."

I nodded to Xemnas and went to my room, I went to sit outside my window once again, to relax and clear my mind. My thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of metal dragging across the rooftop. When it continued, I turned around and looked over, seeing it was Ashtcher dragging his keyblade, heading towards the edge of the roof and stooped there.

"What the heck is this guy doing? " I mumbled to myself.

He looked down from the ledge, staring at the water as it crashed into the rocks below. He had the contemplating look on his face....it looked like this kid was thinking about jumping. I then slowly and cautiously got to my feet.

"Nothing even matters...." he spoke. "So why am I still here...why do I still push myself to live..?" I could see his eyes starting to lean over the ledge. I hopped up on the next ledge and made sure to keep quiet. "It's hopeless.."

I could tell his eyes were starting to move over the ledge, he was getting ready to move. I started to run quickly towards him, but he didn't seem to realize. But I realized he was moving quicker than I expected, so that I would get to him in time, I teleported to him with the darkness, and tackled him to the ground.

"What are you doing," I asked when we came to a halting position where I was looking down at him.

"W-Why did you do that? I was ready to die..."

"What's with you?"

"I've lost everything...ebony...Xanya..." Even though his face was angry, his eyes were sad, and lost. Then we heard a familiar female voice come into hearing distance.

"Ash...tcher..." We both looked up to see it was Rix.

"Oh hey Rix," I said as I lifted and Ashtcher lifted. When i looked at her closer, Rix seemed.....somewhat heartbroken? But there was shock on her face. I looked towards Ashtcher who had an innocent apologetic look on his face. Rix's expression went bland, and then she turned and stormed off in a rather calm way.

"Rixile wait," Ashtcher started as he got up. "It's really not what you think, she was I guess helping me," he said as he ran after her. I sat there confused and then just turned to look at the water. What could have happened to him that was so bad that made him want to jump.

I heard footsteps lightly approach from behind, and then a familiar male voice spoke. "Found you....I've been looking for you...when I saw you weren't in your usual place, I thought I'd come looking for you." The guy sat next to me, " What are you doing out here?"

I looked over to see the blindfolded boy. "Just thinking I guess...."

"How are you?"


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