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Taehyung woke up at noon and no one even bothered to wake him up. He groaned as he sat up cursing at the ground.

While he was cursing his butler opened and bought a tray full of food. "Your breakfast master," he said as he placed the tray on Taehyung's lap.

"Thanks" Tae mumbled before he to a big gulp of warm tea and a big spoon of rice.

"Master will you not return until the end of the week?" The man asked taking a schedule book out.

"Yes, I will be staying at Garden Hotel and return on Friday" Taehyung bluntly stated.

"Then if you excuse me," the butler said as he moved towards the door and shit it with a small click

Taehyung hurriedly finishes his food and got out of bed changing into his suit and brushed his teeth not caring about styling his hair today.

He ran down the stairs looking out the window to see his car stationed outside waiting for arrival. He walked out the door and decided that he will take the stair not wanting to suffer another headache from the horrible elevator.

"Mr.Kim there you are!" The driver said opening the car door for him.

Taehyung got in the car situated himself before he closed the car door tapping his finger on his lap wanting to finish his meeting quickly and get to the Garden Hotel earlier so his fun can begin.

His phone vibrated as the car started. He checked the notification to see that it was a reminder for tonight. He smirked thinking about all the things he couldn't wait to try with Kookie.

The entered the highway when another vibration was sounded. This time was from an app he downloaded with one of the sex toys he had his driver buy. The signal was sent out whenever it was in use and it seemed like Kookie arrived early.

He waited until he was in the parking lot of corporate's main building for his meeting with the board of directors before he pressed the lowest mode which will gradually increase and decrease in thirty-second intervals.

He smirked and his shouldered relaxed he walk was never slack and his strides only made the dominance mingle with his aura. He scanned his I'd and entered the building giving slight bows to the elders and polite nods to the ones under him.

Taehyung waited at reception until the clock strikes twelve. It was noon now and he looks at his watch before taking hurrying steps.

One more minute and I'm late

Well he did sit and wait till twelve so it was partially his fault, but the thoughts of a boring meeting with a faint cigarette smelling room made him cringe and the reception smelled like flowers.

Who could resist?

Taehyung was panting when he reached the doors. He opened the door and stepped in right before his watch made a full rotation. He rushed to the empty chair at the end of the table and sat down. He put his briefcase under the chair looking into all of the directors' eyes before he looked down at his watch counting down the minutes before he could leave.

"Mr.Kim, we were just about to find you." A director said looking at the panting man in front of him with disgust.

"Well Mr.Choi I'm here now aren't I?" Taehyung responded knowing full well Mr.Choi wouldn't answer.

"Mr. Kim," Mrs. Jeon said, " you do know why you're here right?"

"Yes, would you like to see my files?" Taehyung knew it was that time of the year where everybody just sticks their nose up into his face and hopes he messed and they will have a chance to be the next chairman. Taehyung never liked the CEO position so why couldn't he just quit and start a new life?

Well it was part of his contract becoming CEO means he will take the chairman position after the current chairman retires, but when he signed it there was a section that clearly said failure to be chairman will take all property bought by company funds which were his pay so he could do that. So he just went along with it but it gets boring at a certain point when you can no longer do anything without breaking any contracts.

"Mr.Kim has there been a defect in the Christmas collection this year?" Mrs. Jeon asked.

"Yes but the problems have been fixed and our company has saved millions worth of dollars because we fixed the toy before it has gotten to mass production." Taehyung calmly replies his hand curling into fists to prevent him from biting his nails.

"The board thinks you could have prevented the incident so close to the release date by supervising your employees better." Mrs. Jeon said her cold voice piercing through the room.

"Yes, it was partly my fault for not noticing the faulty gear, but it wasn't even noticeable. We did multiple test runs with the prototype and the gears were just fine. It was this past week when things started to go faulty." Taehyung answered the nails digging into his skin as he looked at the mocking face of the director.

"Will you please leave as we review your discussion as we debate on the best solution for this problem. We will call you back with the results tonight." She said he hands gesturing at the door.

"Yes, thank you for the meeting." Taehyung stood up and walked out the door pulling it open with a swift motion only step right out and see the heavy wood seal the last glimpse of hope.

At least that was over it could've ended way worse than just discussion. They could've told lies about him and ruin his reputation.

He let out a groan when he realized the possibilities are endless. He stopped by his office looking at his phone and opened the tab for the vibrator. He was smirking when he found that it was still in use since it has been quite a long meeting.

Taehyung looked straight his head up and legs striding to the parking lot. He walked to his car knocking on the window three times signaling that he was here.

"Sir, you're done quite early!" The driver said as he got out of the car.

"I want to drive. Give me the keys" Taehyung ran his fingers along the car door waiting for the keys.

"Oh yes I'm sorry," he hurriedly handed over the keys and stepped back. "Then I'll ask your secretary for the ride back have a good day then," he walked back to the building disappearing after a minute.

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