Chapter 1

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3:15 AM

I woke up from my a nightmare and I got up from my bed. Now you might be like what were you dreaming about. I have had the same nightmare for days since I got here. It's always starts off with me and my ex girlfriend sharing a kiss. Then she pulls away and says these words

"I never loved you anyway."

Then bang somebody behind me with a mask stabs me and as I drop I look up and the person is my ex bestfriend Bryan. And they smile as they see me gasping for air.

The shit is scary af. Like she did cheat on me with him. But at the time it really didn't effect me then and now that I moved away it haunts me.

I just turned on my tv and laid back. Today is my first day at school but it's Friday so I really ain't tripping.

I just happen to go to a performing arts school. Actually this was the whole reason I moved my mom is a ballet teacher there.

I got my bag ready for school. My mom did a dick head move and got me all my books and stuff for school.

By the time I finished it was 4:30. I have that many books. I have 6 classes a day including my performance classes [Music (vocal) and dancing (hip hop and modern)].

I heard my mom fumbling around her closet for something. It was probably her shoes. She goes through 4 pairs a week. Like really nigga 😑.

I laid back down and tried to go back to sleep. I could only think of my nightmare. Which made me not want to go back to sleep.


6:30 AM

I was laying in my bed waiting for my dad to come knock on my bedroom door to say it's time for work." Work to him is school. I guess cause it's long and tiring.

He finally came and knocked and I got up. I showered and brushed my teeth. I got dressed and sat on my couch.

(Outfit: Red hoodie with most dope on it, black tee, white Gucci belt black jeans, red and black Adidas, Black Ray bands, curly hair)

I grabbed my phone and started texting my nigga Yahmir.

Christain: Yo nigga you up

Yahmir: Yea. Wassam

Christain: Want a ride to school or nah

Yahmir: Yea I'll be over there in 20 minutes

Christain: Ight cool

I chilled and waited for his ass.


7:00 AM

I got dressed after I got out the shower.

(Outfit: Black tight short sleeved belly high shirt, Camouflage baggy shorts, Jean jacket, Black converse, curly hair, pink lipgloss)

I grabbed my phone and told my mom I'd see her at school. I refused to ride with her to school. It's embarrassing for people to find out my mom is the dance teacher.

I walked to my blue jeep and started it up. I drove to school seeing a lot of people walking to school. The school was down the street but I have a truck I hate walking. So boom I drive.

I arrived and I saw people staring. I walked to the front. The boys stared and the girls gossiped.

But one girl caught my eye. She had braces. Black hair. Short. Ass on fleek. Boobs too.

She smiled at me. I winked at her and walked into the office to get my schedule.

"Excuse me ma'am may I get my schedule. My name is Y/n Taylor." I said looking at this middle aged woman. "Yes hi I'm Mrs. Butler. It seems like Im your counselor. So if you have any problems come to me." Mrs Butler said as she got up and walked off to get my schedule. They ain't call her Mrs. Buttler for nothing.

"Here you go wait here and I'll get somebody to show you around." Mrs. Butler said. She got on the phone and somebody walked in.

"Yes Mrs. Butler what do you need." I turned around and there goes girl I saw earlier. I smirked as she walked near me.

"I need you to give her a tour of the school." "Ok no problem." She said as she smiled at me. I smiled and bit my lip. And followed as she walked in front of me.

"I'm Talia by the way." The girl said smiling at me. "I think I'll call you gorgeous." I said as I followed her. "Smooth one." "Well I am smooth with the ladies."

Then she gasped "Yea you are that gay girl everybody is talking about. You're cuter than what people have been saying." Another one of these girls. "Just to let you know I'm Bi so when ever you're all settled in you call me." She said as she slipped a peice of paper in my pocket. "Will do baby. Will do."

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