I'm Pregnant and He Doesn't Want Me. 4

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"Why am I in your bed?" I asked when he realized that nothing was wrong.

"Oh that's all? You were sleepy and I didn't want to leave you on the couch." He mumbled rubbing his head, where we had collided.

"Oh well get up I'll go make breakfast we've got a long day ahead of us." I dismissed and pulled myself out of bed. He shrugged and got up as well and went to the bathroom to have a shower. I grabbed the eggs and bacon out of the fridge and started to cook.

"Yum that smells good." Zane grinned when he came out wearing shorts and no shirt. I made myself concentrate on the cooking so I didn't look at his body, I caught myself before he did.

"Sit down. Do you want a coffee?" I asked.

"Yeah that would be great." he smiled and took a seat at the table while I put the kettle on and took the milk out of the fridge. "So I think Riley leaves for work at eight so when he's gone we'll go over and get your stuff. I'll go call Nik now so we can get it done quickly and we don't get caught." He grinned. I laughed, I was happy to get all my stuff back.

"When you're finished your breakfast will be done." I replied as he got up and walked to his room to get the phone to call his friend Nik. He was the one with a ginormous moving truck. This would be helpful.

A few minutes he walked back in. "He'll be over in ten minutes." Zane announced as he sat down and I placed his bacon, eggs and toast in front of him. "Thanks Gab. You having anything?" he asked when I walked to the stove and started to pile the dishes in to the sink. I shook my head.

"Nah I'm not feeling crash hot this morning, I might have something later..." I dismissed and continued to wash the dishes.

groaned and walked over to the table after wiping my hands. I grabbed a piece of his toast and started to much, just to make him happy. "didn't say eat my breakfast..." he mumble and I smiled to myself.

When Nik showed up we explained to him what was happen. He found it amusing. What we all didn't expect was Riley to trash the place after I had left the other night when grabbing my clothes. Zane and Nik cleared the bed from clothes and dirty sheets. I started in the lounge room and picked up all my photos that been thrown on the floor. I sniffed as I saw a picture of Riley and I smashed. I gulped as I cleaned up the glass.

"You ok Gabi?" Nik asked as he came out with a pile of dirty clothes and sheets. I snapped out of my reminiscing of the days when Riley and I were happy and continued to clean.

"Oh ... yeah Nik, I'm fine. How's it going in there?" I asked. Changed the subject. He grinned sheepishly.

"It's a bit grotty in there, thought I might do him a favour and put some of this shit in the wash." He chuckled.

"It didn't used to be like this ..." I trailed off and started thinking about how we had shared our lives together for so long. We were good together. I'd clean and he'd cook and we'd snuggle on the couch and sip wine together.

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