I'm Pregnant and He Doesn't Want Me. 4

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We move in tomorrow and I am unbelievably excited. Zane has been doting on me all week because the morning sickness is starting to return which I'm not enjoying one bit. I'm now nine and a half weeks pregnant and not showing at all. I'm not sure if I should be happy about this ... I know it's going to be a struggle to lose it all when the baby pops out. Guess I should take advantage of it.

I have decided that I'm am not going to let Riley have all my belongs three quarters of the furniture in the apartment we had been sharing was mine. And like hell I was going to let him have my flat screen TV or my ginormous bed he had been taking up for the last week or how ever long I had been gone.

"Zane I wanna take all my furniture out of Riley's apartment while he's at work." I revealed walking in to the lounge and sitting next to Zane who was watching a documentary of some sort. Zane laughed.

"Is it because you want to furnish our house or you wanna deprive Riley of that beautiful television you bought?" he asked curiously. I guess it was both. I wasn't just gonna give him my TV after all he put me through.

"Both?" I scrunched my face not really know what to say to him.

"Well tomorrow while he's as work I'll get Nik to come over and help us get all your belongs out. He's going to have an empty house you realize?"

That thought made me smile, from now on he deserved everything I dished out at him. "Yup." I popped the 'p' with grin.

"Well then it's a plan, the house is to be stripped!" He chuckled as swung his arm around my shoulder casually like he now does every night and pulled me in to what was turning in to a tradition hug. It was always after dinner, it was always while we were watching TV, but it was always nice. A new tradition in the Gabi/Zane house hold. Sigh.

"Do you think he will call the cops?" I asked.

"Doesn't matter if he does, you're only taking the items that belong to you. And he can't call it breaking in because you have a key and your name is still on the lease. He can't do a single thing about it, even if it seems unfair." Zane smirked.

"Well I guess if you put it like that then I'm alright with that." I shuffled closer to Zane and snuggled up. He was nice and warm so I decided to relax for the rest of the night. Which turned in to the whole night because I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up Zane was carrying me to his bed. "What are you doing?" I croaked rubbing my eyes.

"Putting you to bed." He stated quietly placing me on his bed. I yawned and stretched and pulled myself under the covers not protesting when Zane took off his pants and hopped in on the other side in his boxers. Surprised myself when I didn't object to a half naked Zane pulling me half way across the bed so we could snuggle.

In the morning when I woke up I had absolutely no recollection of what happened last night so when I realized there was an arm around my waist I freaked out slightly. I jolted upward whacking heads with Zane as he jumped up at my sudden movement. "What's wrong?!" He yelled raising his fists to they were in front of him. I giggled.

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