Sweet Treats

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The next morning a few of us gathered into the car and made a short trip into the tiny country town nearby. The town was small but offered the item's we seeked. The building's were only and most were only two stories talk if that. Still, it was a nice break from the chaos of the big city. There was a very sweet charm about the place and decorated like a old fashioned Christmas village right out of the movies.

The local shops offered handmade crafts, knitted scarves and toboggan's along with canned homemade jellys and salsa. We all bought a few item's for ourselves or as gifts. It's in the smaller towns that you can find the most unique, heartfelt gifts. No, there's no expensive price tag attached to it or some big designer name sewed into the label but that's why it's so special. These item's are made by everyday people who have a talent to turn a tossed piece of wood or a string into something beautiful. These type of gifts come straight from the heart. They don't boast of money or brand but warmth. These are the gifts to be cherished because the giver searched for the perfect item that suited you, fit your personality or intrests. They spent time finding you the perfect treasure.

While we was in town we visited the general store and ate greasy cheeseburgers at the sit in counter. I just say that these dirt cheap burgers and fries were the best I'd ever had. I made a mental note to revisit this place. Before we left we had all the sweet ingredients to make our traditional Christmas candy. We did this every year and collected many memories as well as laughs.

Once home the kitchen island was filled with wonderful goodness. Pretzels, chocolates, sprinkles, baking ingredients and every item that could make a sweet disaster. We all ran about preparing thing's for the candies to come, melting chocolate down, chopping nuts, stirring batter, crushing peppermints  as the scent of gingerbread wafted throughout the house.

Several hours later we all lounged around sampling all of the candies. The kitchen was a mess but it could wait. This was a moment that would always be etched into our memories.

Oreo Truffles

You can't eat just one!! My all time favorite!!

You can't eat just one!! My all time favorite!!

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1 bag of oreos.
I pkg cream cheese room temperature
White chocolate or almond bark

Crush Oreos until their like dirt. Easy way is to place in a blender or in a gallon sized Ziploc bag and roll with a rolling pin. (Some stores offer crushed oreos)

Once crushed add in the block of cream cheese and mix until the consistency of dough

Melt chocolate down over low heat of microwave.

Roll oreo mix into bite size balls and dip into chocolate.

Place on wax paper to dry. You can add sprinkles for a more festive look!!

Enjoy and be careful!! These thing's are additive!!

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