Don't Get Caught

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Everything was finally complete. The house was fully decorated and alive with Christmas cheer. The time was nearly here. Choosing to have slept in this morning, I finally removed my lazy self from bed. Tossing on a pair of well worn jeans and a sweater, I joined the family downstairs.

Everyone was in high spirits already and hustling about doing their part to make lunch. Pouring myself a cup of coffee, I just watched all of them in action, taking it all in. Soon a pair of familiar arm's encircled my waist. Leaning me head back on London's chest, I smiled up at him. "We created all of this".

Missing my nose, he replied. "Yea we did and I couldn't have selected a better person to do it with. I love you babydoll".

We all took our lunch plates into the sunroom to enjoy along with the view. The room was filled with laughter and chatter as well as many jokes. Then it happened, Sam went to get up to put her plate away and everyone booted and hollered. Demarco rushed from his chair and swooped Sam up laying a kiss on her. Seems that while I had slept in the crew had hung mistletoe throughout the house. Tradition says that if two people are caught standing under the mistletoe together they must kiss. Needless to say many kisses were being shared under this roof today.

But the most hilarious kiss the one that Duel and Zoe shared. They were caught in the kitchen under the mistletoe followed by a roar of laughter. Naturally Duel laid it on Zoe while she pretended to be disgusted.

Later that night as we all had retired to our rooms I was standing be for my mirror brushing my hair when London crept up behind me. Smiling at my reflection in the mirror he dangled the greenery above my head. Giggling like a young girl I relished the kiss London bestowed upon me which led to the bed.

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