Home For The Holidays

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(Told in Duel's POV)

Christmas was the time of year I loved the most, I believe we all do. It's our chance to escape the roughness and cruelty of our world. Here in this country home we aren't killer's or dealer's, no, we are like every normal household across the map. We participate in all the traditional holiday shenanigans. We wrap gifts, decorate the house, make candies and attend midnight service to celebrate the birth of our Lord. All in all of you take away our guns, our power and title we are like any other family out there.

We smile, we laugh and most importantly... We love.

Yes, I know I'm considered to be the wild one, the trouble maker and maybe I do intentionally look for trouble but I'm unlike the other's. I like to act fast unlike them. They like to investigate first whereas I handle the problem from the start. Why waste all that time and energy researching a enemy? True, I know by acting too fast you can make mistakes or bad decisions but do far I've been lucky in my presumptions have been head on. Okay, maybe I did go too far by setting fire to the police department but can it felt good and they deserved it. However i do know I'll be sent away for my behavior after the holidays.

Feeling a bit antsy from sitting around the house underneath the family I decided to go for a drive. In fact I enjoyed this, it helps clear my mind. The snow covered country roads can be tricky but it was so worth it. The moonlight would shine down on the white covered earth giving off a peaceful vibe. No other drivers would be out in this weather so it felt that the world was mine alone.

Flipping through the radio stations I settled upon some old fashioned Christmas music and with a smile sipped my hot chocolate from my thermos. Occasionally luck would surprise me by allowing me to witness the beauty of wildlife. A deer here or there or a few Elk. Often a bunny would skitter across the road in front of me. Being out alone in the dark snowy night is a sight everyone should enjoy just once.

I had slowed down to a creep as I watched a family of moose wander back into the white covered forest. However something on further up the slick road caught my attention. A blare of red light's reflected off of the snow beaten path nearly blinding me. Speeding up as much as the icy road would allow, I came to a stop at the light's. A smaller car seemed to have slid off the road and was lodged down a short embankment. Opening my car door I stepped out to check on the person and offer my help but not before grabbing my gun from the glove box. Yes, I know we aren't supposed to have our weapons during our Christmas retreat but I'm not stupid. I've been around long enough to know that an attack could happen anywhere anytime. In fact I can guarantee that most the men as well as the women have a few guns hidden about. What? Do we look like amateurs?

Treading carefully toward the car, I half slid down the embankment. Peeking inside I saw nothing at first. Then I saw the barrel of a gun pointed at my head. "Get back". A female voice commanded.

Laughing, I called out. "Zoe, quit playing girl".

Zoe laid the gun aside. "I thought it was some crazy lunatic. Turns out I was right".

Laughing at her jab, I replied." Come on, I'll take you home and come back for your car tomorrow ".

" The door won't open".

After a brief struggle I had Zoe free and in the warmth of my car. "I thought you wasn't due until later in the week?"

" Yea, well change of plans". Zoe replied sourly.

Smirking I half taunted, half asked. "Trouble with Mr. Copper?"

" none of your business Duel. In fact let's not talk at all".

I remained quiet as she asked but my mind couldn't help but wonder if he had hurt her in some way. "You know I can kill him if you want me to".

Zoe looked out the window into the snowy night and remained quiet. I knew something was bothering her but decided not to push. I don't know why, maybe it was the beauty of the night or the beauty of her but the word's left my mouth out of my control. "I love you Zoe".

Zoe looked at me and slowly shook her head. "I could never love someone like you".

That hurt in ways unimaginable. I felt her word's in my gut. Staring straight ahead, I continued home.

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