46. Disclosure of the Truth (Unedited)

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Zoya scurried to me and gave me my phone back. 

"Let's go to bed now." I requested to her once again.

She shook her head swiftly, "No."

Ashar, who was busy with his phone, probably heard us, "Little princess, listen to your Mom."

She pouted and stubbornly again gave the same answer, "No."

Ashar put his phone down and turned to her, "What's the problem?"

"I know you'll leave if I sleep." Zoya expressed her fear hesitantly.

Her father grabbed her hand, pulling her close, "I'm not going anywhere."

I was observing the father-daughter scene silently, getting to know what kind of technique he would use to convince the kid.

By the look of it, he did not look annoyed at all, but dealing with Zoya very gently.

Zoya did not say anything, but quavered her lips and stared the floor, "Will you listen to me now?"

Ashar waited for her to respond, but she did not and continued looking the floor. Even, he could not handle her.

"Alright then, I'm leaving." He picked up his phone and stood up from the chair.

Zoya got scared and instantly hugged his thigh to stop him, "No, don't go. I'm going to bed."

Okay I was wrong, he succeed.

He grabbed her shoulder and Zoya stepped back. 

He sat back on the same chair and held her arm, "Good girl."

Goodness! This was heart-touching.

The father-daughter love was something that was the most adorable and I just witnessed it. I felt like I was a third wheel and not-needed. Ashar did not need my help in raising her.

Shouldn't I be grateful to Ashar for taking care of her?

Whatever habits she had now, how she looked, all credits went to him. I did not play any part in raising the kid.

He smiled and Zoya got relaxed, "Go with your Mom. Tomorrow, we'll go out."

She gave a toothy smile to him and jumped in happiness, "Okay."

Zoya came to me and placed her hand on my thigh, interrupted my thoughts. I distractedly nodded my head and brought her into the room. She jumped on the bed and setup the pillow and comforter by herself and immediately hid herself in the comforter.

I guessed she was still scared with Ashar's threat.

"Good night, Mom."

I sat on the bed from the other side, "Good night, baby."

Back then, Ashar was not that warm. He was harsh, rude, selfish and egoistic. I never imagined that guy could be able to feel the pain of others. I did not understand why he was acting differently now.

But, the different behavior was really softening my heart. Was he always like that or something happened that made him change?


When Zoya was asleep, I silently walked out of the room and observed that Ashar was sitting at the same chair, still engrossed in his phone.

I sauntered to him and stood in front of him to get his attention. He looked up at me and placed his phone down on the table, "Did she sleep?"

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