Chapter 1 Netflix

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Being a teenage girl in the small state of Nebraska can be very boring. All we care about is football, and everyone is engulfed in their phones. Thank goodness I have Netflix (this is no way to promote Netflix). As I slump down in my red designer couch I flip to the input that would allow me to watch my 'escape'. I flip through the different shows on Netflix and come across one of my favorite shows from my childhood. 'Saved by the Bell' was on the screen and I was filled with joy. Being born in the 21st century the last thing you would expect was for me to be obsessed with a show that started more than ten years before I was born but the truth is I have loved this show since third grade. In fact, I was raised in a household that still was a few decades back. I grew up listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Earth, Wind, & Fire, as well as many older artists. I'm a traitor to my generation and I couldn't be happier. I click play on the first episode that had Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Slater, Jesse, and Screech all together.
"Wow I wish that I could live in their world"

That was when I realized my world would never be the same

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