Thirty Nine

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Thirty Nine


I didn't know how long the drive was until we finally stopped because I was so engrossed with snuggling with Baekhyun, his warm skin felt so good against my hands. The elder man, whose face now seemed clearer to me turned to us. I could see a small portion of his graying hair under his old fashioned beret. Without a smile and his strict looking face, I instantly thought how grumpy he seemed to be. His scrutinizing eyes darting on my hands inside his shirt, caused me to feel one hundred percent awkward. As a result, I hesitantly pulled my hands out of his clothes, my face absolutely red from embarrassment. Thankfully, I heard Baekhyun clear his throat and asked the man why we stopped.

"Well did you expect me to drive you all the way out in this snow right?" He said with a raised eyebrow and hoarse voice.

I was surprised with the way he responded, scared even. He sounded really angry as if Baekhyun asked the wrong question.

"No." Baekhyun answered in a hesitant tone. "Of course, I didn't." He paused to clear his throat once more and it was so noticeable that he was way too uncomfortable right now. "I didn't mean to-"

Baekhyun had to stop talking when the elder man turned around to turn the engine off, took his seat belt off before going out of the truck.

Baekhyun and I ended up exchanging looks.

Did he just ignore us?

I opened my mouth to ask Baekhyun something when we both heard the door opened, the man standing outside holding the door for us.

"Now, get off of my truck." He demanded in a serious tone.

My heartbeat grew wild thinking how we'd end up freezing outside if we get out of the car. I held Baekhyun's hand firmly, meeting his eyes hoping he'd get my message for him to do something to convince the man.

"Sir..." Baekhyun muttered. "If it's okay..." I saw his Adam's apple move as he swallowed. "Can you let us stay here for tonight?"

The man's forehead creased as soon as Baekhyun finished speaking.

"I girlfriend's absolutely going to freeze outside." He went on and it was obvious how we was already begging the man. "I promise I'll pay-" His statement got interrupted once more when the elder cleared his throat loudly.

I was startled, squeezing Baek's hand in the process.

"What are you talking about?" He sounded so mad. "No one's staying in the truck." He dismissed as he walked away, making room for us to get off.

Hopeless, I felt Baekhyun sigh right next to me as he urged me to get off. He got down first and helped me afterwards. The wind sent shivers down my spine the moment my body was exposed outside. When my foot touched the snow-covered ground, Baekhyun draped an arm around me right away, pulling me closer into a hug.

Worried, I leaned closer to him while he brought a hand to my face. We stared at each other, both looking anxious of what was going to happen to us now.

"Oh for heaven's sake!" The elder man exclaimed making us both alarmed. "Why are you two acting like it's the end of the world?"

"Well..." Baekhyun gulped. "We might really die out here-"

Third time, it was the third time he got interrupted. I had never seen someone talk to him like this and I didn't know how I'd react.

I'm pretty sure the old man doesn't know who Baekhyun is.

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