Author's Note

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A/N: This letter was made up, but most of the facts were true. Anyways Buffy ended up coming back to Earth because her best friend Willow (btw was a witch) did a spell which brought her back. Sadly Willow didn't know that she sucked her best friend out of Heaven not Hell. Besides that Buffy got back to her old routines and once Angel heard about Buffy coming back, well he called and they both visited each other (Off-screen) somewhere between L.A (Where Angel is) and Sunnydale. Sadly they didn't end up together, but they do see each other one last time on the last episode of Buffy. Angel comes and plans to help Buffy fight, but Buffy declines and she gives a whole speech about how she isn't ready have a boyfriend. Vampire or Human, but she does tell Angel that she see's them together in the future, but it could be years if ever and Angel replies "Well, I ain't getting any older." and that's how it ends.

Hope this helps anybody who wanted to know what happened after the letter. Which once again is just a creation and the letter wasn't actually written or sent on the originaly tv show. 

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