[ch. 17] there are children in the room!

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Sophie smiled as she walked down the stairs of her house. Today was going to be a beautiful, relaxing day. Nothing was going to bother Sophie today.

She entered the kitchen and smiled at her parents. Hugging them both, she sat down and started to eat her breakfast. She chatted with her parents for a bit, before excusing herself and going outside. 

Sophie sat underneath Calla's Panakes tree. Picking up a blossom, she closed her eyes and relaxed, taking in the sunlight. 

Today was going to be a stress-free, rejuvenating da-

SOPHIE! HELP!  she heard Fitz say. 

Sophie abruptly sat up, dropping the blossom and gathering her concentration.

Fitz? Where are you? Are you okay? Hang on, I'll be right there! She transmitted, standing up and yelling to her parents that she was going to find Fitz.

Sophie's heart was pounding. She was praying to anyone who was listening that her boyfriend was okay. 

What if the Neverseen got him? What if- what if she never saw him again?

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to stop the tears from spilling as she teleported to Everglen.

Sophie ran inside the house, screaming for Fitz and hoping, hoping that he was unhurt, because she'd never forgive herself if he-

Sophie skidded to a stop. There he was, insanely handsome and amazingly-


"Fitz!" Sophie said, running to him and grabbing his face. She moved his head around, inspecting him for any signs of damage.

"Sophie, I'm fine!"


Fitz kissed her softly, tucking her hair behind her ear. "I'm so sorry, love. In hindsight, I shouldn't have said it that... intensely? I also probably should have explained what was happening. But, I actually do really need your help..." he said, looking at something in his arms.

That something was a whole ass human being. 

That Sophie had somehow not seen. 

A girl of about four years of age was cradled against Fitz, silently watching them. She had wavy auburn hair, pale skin, and steel blue eyes. Freckles were splattered across the bridge of her nose.

"Umm... Fitz? Who is this?" Sophie asked, arching an eyebrow. 

Fitz smiled sheepishly. "Uh, Soph, this is Arwen. She's my dad's friend's daughter, and since her parents aren't home, they wanted me to babysit her. My parents are out doing some stuff for the Council, and Biana is at Keefe's, and I have no idea how to control a four year old, so I thought... you could help me?" 

Sophie took a deep breath. So much for her relaxing day. 

"Fine, I'll help." she took Arwen from Fitz and held her against her hip. "Hi there! I'm Sophie!" she said, smiling at Arwen. 

"I'm not a baby anymore. Let me down!" Arwen said, pouting. 

Sophie's eyes widened as she put Arwen down, backing away slightly. Fitz laughed quietly. 

"Fitz? Can we go to the park?" Arwen asked. Sophie tilted her head slightly. There were parks in the Elvin world? Why had nobody told her about this?

Maybe because you're 17, Sophie. 

That made sense.

Fitz nodded. "Yeah, let's go."

Arwen squealed and ran to the Leapmaster. Sophie and Fitz followed. 

"I mean, what's better than taking care of a child with your girlfriend? We're really practicing for parenthood here." Fitz said to Sophie.

Sophie's eyes widened. "Parenthood?!" 

Fitz grinned. "Yeah. But only after we get married. Then we'll start our own little family!"

Sophie was still stuck on parenthood. "But having children means..." she started.

"That we would have to do the- dare I say it- the devil's tango?" Fitz said innocently.

"NO! Oh my God, Fitz, I was going to say responsibilities!" Sophie sputtered, blushing hard.

"Oh right. But first sex. Sex, THEN responsibilities." Fitz smirked. 

"Oh my God," Sophie said, "There are children in the room!"

"I mean, you do make children by doing the dirty, so like am I really-" 

"FITZROY AVERY VACKER, WE ARE DONE WITH THIS CONVERSATION." Sophie shouted, speeding up so she could catch up with Arwen.

She didn't have to turn around to know Fitz was grinning like a deranged maniac.

So much for her relaxing day. 



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