『10』 Emotions and Doubts

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I stood in front of the closed door to the teacher's lounge, a little hesitant about knocking. My uncle had called me here, wanting to talk to me. Did he suspect something? Or did he just want to 'catch up'?

In any case, I had to talk to him. I let out a deep sigh before finally knocking on the door.

After hearing a muffled "Come in." through the door, I opened it. I was met with All Might sitting on a small couch, almost too small for his muscle form. A wide smile was plastered on his face as usual.

"Hello, (Y/N). How are you?" He greeted me.

I gave him a smile. "I'm fine." I closed the door behind me and sat on a couch across from him. "What did you want to talk about?" I asked in a sweet tone, but not too sweet. After all, when I met him at the beach I didn't know about the mission yet, so I acted differently that time. I think I still was friendly, but I'm sure he'd suspect something, if I sugar coated everything too much.

"I just wanted to chat a little. I was very surprised to hear you were going to enter U.A., but I was really looking forward to it. Why didn't you mention it before?" My uncle started a conversation.

"Oh, right! It really must have been a surprise to you! There just wasn't enough time to tell you at the beach..." I said, rubbing the back of my head.

"It's alright. I'm just very glad you didn't give up on becoming a hero after what happened to your mom..." his always so cheery voice fell to a sad tone. Inside I exploded of anger. How could he seriously believe I still wanted to become a hero, after what misery he and him being hero caused me!?

But I had to keep my cool. I couldn't risk failing my first mission already. I couldn't disappoint the League! They were my new home, my new family, my new everything!

"It's alright. We all have to move on I guess..." I couldn't stand how much I actually disagreed with my own words, but I had to bear it.

"You're right! Anyways-" He changed the topic, luckily." The semester final exams are going to be soon. I guess you won't be participating, since you just got here."

"Yes, I'm actually really looking forward to watching them, since I get to see all my classmates' quirks in action." I cheered with a wide smile on my face.

"Speaking of which, I'm sure you'd rather spend the break making new friends, right? I'm sorry to have wasted your time." He apologized.

"It's fine. I don't mind a little chit-chat with my uncle." I chuckled. "But I guess you're right though."

"Then hurry up and get back to your classmates before lunch break ends!" He smiled and shooed me away.

I stood up to leave, briefly stopping at the door and waving goodbye with a sweet smile, which he mirrored, and then I closed the door.

Finally! A deep sigh of relief escaped my lips and my expression immediately fell. I made it without losing my temper.

Luckily, he didn't seem to have noticed that my age isn't lining up. At least him not caring about me for the past ten years showed its upsides now...

I began walking back down the hallway in the direction of the cafeteria with slow steps, massaging my face. It hurt from all the smiling.

And why did he have to mention Mom?! I already have an unnatural struggle to get over her death, but now he has to remind me of her again?! It was his fault she died! He's responsible for the death of the sweetest person on earth!!


"Mommy, where are we going?" I asked, sitting in the car. Usually after she picked me up from kindergarten we'd go home, but we were going a different direction today.

"It's a surprise, sweetie." She responded in her angelic voice. The voice she'd always sing me to sleep with. I wondered what song she'd pick tonight.

My thoughts subsided when the car drove backwards and then stopped. We were there. I didn't recognize this place, so I asked again. "Mommy, where are we?"

"This is an animal shelter.", she said. "I thought we could volunteer to walk a dog today. When you get older we might even get one if you want."

My eyes widened and sparkled. "Doggies! Can we get one today already? I'm old enough! I'm almost a grownup!" I practically screamed at her, trying to be convincing.

"Oh, of course you're a big girl already." She smiled calmly. "Though we can't get a doggie today, because getting a pet is a decision you have to think about carefully. You need to be prepared for getting a pet, so it'll feel well in its new home. We can't get a dog spontaneously, but we can walk a dog today."

I tried to understand what my mom wanted to teach me like always. I jumped off my seat and out of the car, excitedly. Her words were enough to make my day.

~end of flashback~

We truly had a good time that day, like always. She was a great mother and in general a great person. She never missed the chance to make me learn something for life.

I miss her so much...

All the emotional nostalgia was too much right now. I leaned against the wall in the middle of a random hallway. Where even was I? I was probably so lost in thoughts I wasn't watching where I was going.

My back slipped down the wall until I sat down, embracing my legs and burying my face in my knees while I failed to hold back my tears. My sobs echoed in the empty hallway. Only a faint noise was heard from the cafeteria. I really need to stop being such a crybaby.

Maybe this mission wasn't a good idea after all. Maybe they would've picked someone else for it if I had told them I was related to All Might. I should have told them!....

While the hallway may have been quiet, I was suffocated by the noise of my thoughts and doubts...But worse is I let my guard down! Perhaps that's why I didn't hear someone coming up to me.

"Oi, what's up with your dumb cheery act. Makes you look more stupid than you probably are! Seeing you crying only proves my suspicions." I jumped a little at the loud stern voice.

I looked up in shock to see -you probably already guessed it- Bakugo Katsuki. Immediately, I tried to get back into my act, but the one meant for him of course. I needed to find a way to get away with him seeing me like this.

I rapidly wiped away the tears with the hem of my sleeve. "Y-you weren't supposed to see that!" I said angrily between sobs.

"Yeah, I know. I've already seen through your façade, so freaking drop it around me, alright? It's really damn annoying!"

I still sniffled a little but chuckled and responded. "I know, right?"

"Huh? But if you don't like it yourself, why the heck do you keep up with it?"

"Can I tell you about this in private and when we have more time? Lunch break is about to end." I suggested, hoping to get him to agree. After all, he fell for it!

"Alright! Meet me at the gate after school! And don't you dare think of this as a date!! I just want an excuse, so I don't have to hang around with the annoying nuisances!"

"I didn't think of it as a d-"

"So, it's settled then!" He cut me off angrily and disappeared immediately after the words left his mouth.

The bell rang, signaling me to finally get up from the floor.

So, I'll meet him at the gate then.

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