Chapter 1

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I was woken up by this loud pounding noise, and i tried to get up but couln't. Then i here my brother matthew yelling from the other side of my door. uhhhhhhhh

Andrea: " What now Matthew!"

Matthew:" wake up and get redy for the party!"

Party? who is throwing a party this early in the morning? i looked at my clock and it said 5:20! Did I really take a 3 hour nap, wow shows how boring my life is.

I got up and picked out my outfit, I layed it out on my bed and grabbed my towel. i turned the shower on and got in. i gently rinsed my hair with shampoo and conditioner and then washed my body.

After my shower i put my oufit on. I slipped on my laced denium shorts and my flowy shirt that said " nobody is ordinary",after i put on my navy blue converse to match with my shirt. i grabbed my phone and headed downstairs.

Matthew was downstairs at the door on his phone waiting for me. He was wearing denium jeans and a striped shirt with a navy blue beanie on. In a way we kinda matched. He opened the door and we headed to the car to leave.

We arrived at the house where matt's friends were throwing the party. As i walked up to the door, there as a huge banner that read " Summer Kickoff!!". "Well i hope i dont regret this mathew" i whispered to him. " oh please, you will be fine. Plus my friend Nash has a younger brother, hayes who is your age. You can hang with him." I didnt respond. i just walked in with Matthew.As i walked in i saw 11 guys sitting on the couch.

A tall boy with short brown hair that was spiked up and had a blond strike walked up to us.

boy: heyyy welcome to the party!!!!

matthew: haha thanks Nash

Nash... thats his name. He is the guys that has the brother my age.

Nash: Matt is this your younger sister andrea?

Matthew: yep

Nash: OH cool, nice to meet u. Hayes wil be here soon,so you guys can hang out.

me: Nice to meet u too and cool.

I walked around with my brother as he indroduced me to everyone. Everybody was really nice.

A few minutes later someone walked through the door.
It was a boy with short brown hair, that was spiked up. He had his arm around a girl who had long dark blond hair that reached all the way to her mid back. she was wearing really short shorts.... to the point you could see her butt, and a mint crop top. I didnt even like her just by looking at her.

They went straight upstairs. Nash told me to go up their too so i went upstairs as well.

When i went down the upstairs hallway i heard talking in one room, so i opened the door to that room.

I walked in and saw Hayes on the floor watching a movie.
I didnt know where that awful girl went but i didnt care.

Hayes looked up at me as i opened the door slightly and walked in.

Hayes: OH, Hey you must be Andrea, Matts sister.

Andrea: Yep thats me.
i said with a smile.

Hayes: ive heard lots about you

Andrea: Good or bad
He laughed a little responding to my comment

Hayes: Both
he said smiling

It was akward for a moment, but then he said something.

Hayes: im watching a scary movie wanna join.

Andrea: ya sure, I love scary movies!

Hayes: really?, cool me too

We sat there for a few minutes and ever so often we jumped at the scary parts, and laughed on how scared we were.

After about 10 minutes the bathroom door opended, revealing that girl.

As she walked out of the bathroom, she gave me the dirtiest look.
I ignored it and kept watching the movie. I honeslty dont care for people like her.

Girl: Um babe, who is that?

Hayes: oh ya, Kaitlyn meet andrea.

Babe??? Are they dating? i guess so cuz i dont call my guy friends babe.

Andrea: hi nice to meet u.
I said while getting up to shake her hand.

Kaitlyn: whatever
She said as she sat down right in between Hayes and I.

Great this is going to be a fun night.....

Hi guys! hope you like the story so far! i will be updating soon! let me know in the comments if u like it so far.;)

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