Chapter 5- Present For You!!

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After the concert Mikako fell ill. "Mii-chan!" Furea exclaimed. She put her down on the chair. Her cheeks were red.  Furea touched her forehead. "She's burning up." Furea said worried. Furea reached for a bowl of ice cold water with a small towel in it. She took the towel and gently wipped her sweat. "What could be the cause? Did she work too hard?" Tsubasa asked worried. "That sounds like her. She really put her all into her performance didn't she." Furea smiled. Tsubasa couldn't help but smile herself. A week passed and Mikako's fever hadn't come down. While the girls were practicing she was resting in bed. Today was Tsubasa's special lesson. The music was blasting through the speakers and Furea was off beat. She couldn't keep up. She was thinking about Mikako the whole time. Tsubasa stopped the music. "Furea, I understand how you feel about Mikako, I'm also worried about her but we need to work hard, for Mikako's sake." Tsubasa pleaded. Tsubasa was right. Mikako always wanted them to work hard. "I understand." Furea smiled. "Okay, let's start this again." Tsubasa smiled. The music blasted. "One, two, three, four, five, six , seven, eight." Tsubasa clapped to the rhythm. Furea was doing better. Tsubasa smiled. "Okay, let's go check on Mii-chan." Tsubasa smiled. Furea's face lit up. She nodded. They got off the bus and they were at Akb0048 Headquarters. Tsubasa opened the room door. "Mii-chan, we're back. Mii-chan?" Tsubasa said confused. She wasn't there. "Mii-chan? Where are you?" Tsubasa called out. They looked everywhere around the room. Mikako was missing. "What if she ran off? Would she be fine by herself?" Furea said with tears streaming down her face. "Furea." Tsubasa said sadly. Two minutes later they were called to meet Kaori in the audotorium. Everyone took their seats. There was one seat empty. Mikako's seat. "I know you're all wondering why I called you here. We must discuss the set list for the upcoming concert, tommorow." Kaori said. "Concert?" Tsubasa whispered. "So soon?" Furea told her. "This concert is a special concert. A succession concert. The succession concert of Mikako Minamino." Kaori announced. "Mii-chan?" Tsubasa asked. "She's becoming a successor?" Furea said confused. "Let us discuss the set list. The opening act will be the understudies with a 'Present for you' performance of your choice. Then Mikako will explain the meaning of her name reveal the name she will be successing. Then, she will be performing Blue Rose with the successors. The closing act will be the understudies' performance of any choice of song. Any questions?" Kaori explained. No one said anything. "Hoshina, Kokoro, Minamino has a message for you. 'Thank you for everything, I wouldn't have become a successor without you, I'm with Kaori-san. Please hurry up and become successors with me.' she says." Kaori said. Furea and Tsubasa smiled. Kaori's heels made a click claking sound as she left the room. Everyone got up and continued what they were doing. "Mikako as a successor huh? I'm anxious to know who she'll become." Tsubasa said. "It's alright. Whoever Mii-chan becomes, she will still be the Mii-chan we know." Furea smiled. "Exactly. I'm still anxious though." Tsubasa added. "Me too." Furea agreed. They laughed. "I still remember the first time we met Mii-chan. She was a very sweet girl and she was depressed too. I'm happy that she showed us her face." Furea said. "Yeah. I'll admit, I thought Mii-chan was a stalker at first." Tsubasa giggled. "A stalker?" Furea asked. She laughed. They both laughed. "She promised she would make it out of the. " audition and I found myself waiting to meet her." Tsubasa added. "I know. When she revealed her cheerful personality I was relieved that sge wasn't a depressing person. However a friend who is depressing is nice." Furea smiled. "Are you crazy!?! A sad friend means eternal sadness." Tsubasa exclaimed. " Furea laughed "What?" Tsubasa asked.."I just remebered what happened on our first concert. Mii-chan was so funny." Furea laughed. "Yep,.she's somethin' special.I never would've thought that one of us would become a sucessor so quickly." Tsubasa said. "Yeah. But we can't lose. Let's become successors and perform with Mii-chan." Furea smiled. "Yeah." Tsubasa said. "Let's go practice." Furea suggested. "Okay." Tsubasa smiled. They got on the train to the dance studio. They changed into their practice outfits. "What should we do for the 'Present for you' speech?" Furea asked. "Let's think about that later, right now let's focus on the closing song. What should we sing?" Tsubasa said. There was a long silence. Was there any song in the world that could express their thanks to Mikako? "That's it!" Furea exclaimed. "Okay, let's hear it." Tsubasa smiled. "How about Kono Namida Wo Kimi Ni Sasagu?" Furea asked. "Perfect!" Tsubasa winked. "Thank you. The aong portrays our feelings towards Mii-chan. We've gotten closer because of her. We had the best concert because of her. I really love you guys." Furea said. "Furea....." Tsubasa smiled. "Anyways let's make up a dance for the song." Tsubasa said. Furea nodded. They practiced their hearts out. Tsubasa was using all her energy and thinking
This is going to be our best live yet!

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