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Twenty-seven year old, Hadley Jasper, has been reported missing. Last seen entering her apartment complex by a neighbor Friday night, Hadley was reportedly alone and wearing her work attire. Hadley's mother reports that her daughter did not answer her calls Saturday or Sunday morning. When her daughter missed the family's weekly Sunday night dinner, Mrs. Jasper called the police.

After searching Hadley's apartment, police made a disturbing discovery. A single Aconitum flower, commonly referred to as wolfsbane or monkshood, has been found under her bed.

As many of you know, this flower was found under the bed of both Bianca Cunningham and London Priest. Their mutilated bodies both showed up five days later in the Pisgah National Forest.

At this time, detectives are urging if anyone has any information, to please step forward and call the tip line scrolling across the bottom of your screen. They are also advising young women to be extremely cautious when out alone in the community.

More to come on this breaking story as it develops further.

More to come on this breaking story as it develops further

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