Ch. 1 The Myth

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Every town has its fair share of hauntings, ghost stories, or legends. A small town near the Amazon River is no different. However, their story is a little more real than your average Bigfoot Encounter. 

Santarem, Brazil is no stranger to the large amounts of tourists that come through. People quickly fall in love with the sights and the culture. Foreigners explore the city and marvel at the sights. But one thing that grabs many tourists' attention is the Myth of the Black Panther. The natives whisper of the Black Panther's presence. Surviving decades, they say the animal is supernatural. But with the stories that come with the panther, it's no surprise. It is said that there is a golden essence that surrounds the panther. Her eyes gleam with intelligence, with patience, but most importantly, determination.

The town has little fear of this being. The people believe that her spirit is what protects the town from natural disasters, economic downfall, and war. One story of the panther saving a lady from an animal attack and another off of a cliff brings love to the spirit. The myth attracts as many tourists as the rainforest, so she may just be responsible for the success of the city.

The Black Panther is not a spirit. It's a real feline, as beautiful as the rainforest it lives in. Not it, but rather she. Callisa Kingsley is a hybrid. The majority of the world has no idea about the supernatural beings that they share the planet with, but those who know about shifters is even less. Vampires know about witches and vice versa, but many have no idea about werewolves. A panther shifter is unheard of. 

Callisa is more than a panther shifter. If she wasn't unique already, being a witch as well would do it. Being a panther already put her in isolation, but being a witch made it that much more lonely. She was the only one of her kind. Except for her mother. Isabelle Kingsley was a panther shifter. She raised Callisa until she was fourteen. When the two were running in the forest, hunters killed her mother. Three shots to the head and two shots straight to the heart will do that to someone.

Callisa has remained a panther for most of her life, living in the rainforst. Years ago, she stopped aging at eighteen. With no where to go and no one looking for her, she isolated herself to living in the rainforest. She has no idea that the nearby town has idolized her. All she knows is that fate must have destined her to be alone, to live out her days as another animal in nature, to just exist. Beliving that you have no greater purpose or that no one would ever be by your side can have some major damages. She has no idea what fate has in store for her. 

Kol Mikaelson, the youngest patriarch of the Original Family, a myth in his own right, has recently been brought back to the living. After his mother's return and betrayal, he knows he needs to get out of the little town for a bit. Mystic Falls attracted trouble. He promised his family he was only going on a trip and would be back in a few days. No, he was not leaving them, but if they wanted him to stay as sane as he was, he needed a break. 

One hundred years ago, he heard of a legend. The Legend of the Black Panther. It was small at the time, just the local's talk of the town, but he knew there was more to it. At the time, he couldn't stay. Family issues and all. Now, he thought about it and he felt like he needed to go back. He missed something and subconsciously he knew it was something about that legend.

One plane ride later, he found himself back in the town of Santarem. Not surprisingly, the legend was even bigger know. It drew people in and attracted thousands. He just hoped that it wasn't an old story being told decades later. A little compulsion here and a few favors being pulled, he learned that there has been recent sightings of a mystical looking panther and locations where its been found. He just knew he had to find this black panther.

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