Chapter 30:... Suspicious

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Chapter 30

Pulling away from sin, my heart still shattered the question that had been bothering my mind for hours on end rolled off my tongue.

"does Abigail hate me this much?" I questioned confusion ringing in my head. My mind was in a frenzy, I did nothing to her, but yet because of her actions I've been through so much. I do t understand why

Sin remained silent as his jaw ticked in annoyance. I let out a sigh walking up the stairs towards her bedroom. I needed to know

Knocking on the door and waiting patiently for an answer as nosound came through the large oak doors of her bedroom.

Pushing the door silently my eyes were fixated in a room that was losing her scent.

Ridhing out the door I numbed into a hard chest. I was met with deep gray eyes as sin looked down at me with a hard face.

"Sin she's not in her bedroom..." I said hastily as he looked at me knowingly

"She's in the dungeons." he Saud in a set tonr, making me freeze.

"Dungeons?" k questioned as he nodded.

"She's slowly losing her mind and senses. I can't let her roam freely after what she's done to you" he said firmly.

Staring at each other with hard eyes, neither of us backing down, a faint throat clearance vrought us out of the trans. Clair stood arms folded and eyebrow fsused questioningly i

"What seems to be going on here, for asevind it looked like you were gonna start making babies" she said making me burst into laughter.

Sin rolled his eyes at her comment.

"How is fathers condition?" he questioned making me raise my eyebrow at him in confusion.

"His condition has settled, we almost lost him Sin" she said with a heavy heart. "Moms going crazy down there, I thought you would let her out by now" Clair said confused with sins actions

"somethings off about her behavior, haven't you noticed? She's not the type of person to just put anyone in danger. Yes she's spiteful, but she wouldn't go that far" he said reasoning with Clair and I.

"Do what? You're going to keep her locked down there?" Clair asked as Sin nodded.

"Until I can find out what's going on and whose tampering with her. But something else came to mind..." his words faded slightly catching my attention

"What do you mean?" I asked firmly and forcefully.

"Belle, have you ever thought that is was strange how things played out from the moment you left the palace?"

"I don't understand what you're getting at Sin, are you trying to tell me that someone planned everything?"

"Think of it this way, if this whole thing was planned or if someone worked around with our lives, wouldn't they have caused the loss of our son and not only that, caused whatever it is that Caitlin contracted?"

I shook my head, "Then it's Ravecca, Sin." I stated firmly. "She hasn't liked me since the day I walked into the palace doors I-" he cut my words short.

"It's not mom Isabella, it's not her." he said surely as ever. Why was he still defending her?

"She's the only person I suspect Sin, the only one. She is probably the mastermind behind all of this she-"

"Isabella, you'll never see whose lurking around to see your downfall if you keep your mind trained solely on her. As your mate, she may not be my biological mother, but she's my mother too, and I know she's not the person we're looking for"

We starred at it each other, angry. He wasn't making any sense. There is literally no one else who has enough power to manipulate anyone as much as she does. Why was he so blinded by her affection?

"so who do you suspect?" Clair said breaking our eye contact.

"I can't accuse anyone without any concrete assurance or proof that it is that person" he said. "But if it is who I think it is, then it will come to me as no shock." he said with annoyance in his voice.

He looked me in the eye, reassuringly but for some reason my mind just can't accept Ravecca being innocent in any way. Maybe Sin's right, I was just holding on to a single fridge that I couldn't see anyone else.

Letting out a sigh, I looked at him, "So what are we supposed to do?" I questioned.

"We Simply allow them to play into our hands." he said receiving questioning eyebrow from me. "Just let me handle it Isabella, trust me."

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