Chapter 19

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A New chapter along with two New blondes



Monday came only too find out all students have a whole week off. Walking Out of the school with Eighteen, Panty and Sonya by your side the blondes were talking about some random stuff.  

Eighteen: How many times? 

Sonya: 30 that fucking pig

Panty: That unforgivable bastards doing that to Dana, and with her Bestfriend of ALL people

Eighteen: And don't forget he Knocked her up too

Sera: He needs to be punish along with that filthy backstabbing Thot

Blondes: YEAH!

Sighing all Your blondes were really into this soap opera call 'Momma please don't take my man' a really hit show next to twilight BAH!! that damn movie.

Y/N Mind: If they were real, i'll let Sera's murder each of those disco looking, pale face,sparking looking Vampire rejects. and let them know what a REAL vampire should look and like.

Heading to get something to eat but everyone heard a faint yelling. Then the yelling got louder. looking and saw your saw who it was.

 looking and saw your saw who it was

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Y/N: Karen!

It was Karen AKA Powergirl, and she was fighting with Lex Luthor. looking at the blondes they nodded and go help their blonde sister.

With Karen

The She narrowed her glowing eye at the bald villain who got a smug look on his face.

Karen: You have messed with me, my sister and my cousin for the last time Luthor.

Lex: Why yes I have, because after today, you'll be mine.

He activate his gloves. revealing kryptonite. she fell down

Lex: What best way to hurt my arch enemy, to get his loving cousin as my slave 

Kara: *growled* You... fucking evil prick.

Lex: *laugh* when you have as much money as I do, these things can come pretty easily.

Feeling the effects of the kryptonite. Lex Luthor then threw Powergirl through a building. He was now walking to the helpless Powergirl. until something hit from behind.

Lex: Who dares, hehe it won't matter because i have theses kryptonite gauntlets

Oh really!?!?

Lex Luthor's eyes widened when he heard the voice. He turned saw you looking at him with rage. He was about to escape, then Sonya grabbed his gauntlets and crushed it, along with his hands. Lucy summoned Virgo and she swung him into the sky. 

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