A Latte, A Lifetime, A Love Story

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The first time we met was at the campus coffee house.

"Gabriel Dumas," he introduced himself while sliding payment for my latte to the barista.

I nodded, acknowledging his chivalry and trying not to let on how close to swooning I was.

Our intimate before class chat session turned into an official first date on Valentine's Day, choosing a grad school together, a Pulitzer in Journalism for him, and a few bestseller lists for me. We even successfully convinced one of our three children to attend our alma mater, and survived having all five grandkids for an entire summer; a special task considering the youngest thinks he's the next Indiana Jones.

Over the years, we never let the moments of life slip through our fingers, and today was no different. On our way to mold the minds of a new generation of Pulitzer Prize-winning best sellers, we simply couldn't resist the urge to stop for coffee at the place where it all began.

I watched Gabriel scan the morning headlines, adding tidbits that caught his eye to his lesson plan for the day. I felt so grateful for this little reminder that we are the proud and victorious owners of fifty years of love, memories, dreams, and life that all started when he wooed me over a quick morning pick-me-up.

"Well, I guess it's time to get to work," he declared refolding his paper and packing his notes into his bag.

The declaration brought my pen to rest as I looked up, meeting his gaze with a smile draped in adoration.

"Thank you for sharing your table with me. I look forward to seeing you in class," he said, turning to leave.

"My pleasure," I offered to the professor turned dissertation advisor.

And as I watched him walk away, leaving behind our lifetime of memories, I scribbled The End on the love story inspired by a schoolgirl crush and a shared table in a crowded campus coffee shop. 

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