Chapter 19

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I walk down the hall towards the dinning hall. My stomach growling to devour food and my mind thinking about Vincenzo. I miss him so much.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts by the voice of my grandfather. "Good morning Athena, you look lovely this morning." He greets. I look up to see him smiling warmly at me. "Good morning Grandfather, how are you feeling?" I asked. "I'm feeling quite well thank you my dear but I'm sure you'd rather know how my meeting with your husband went wouldn't you?" He asked smiling at me. "Your meeting..." I said shyly not really wanting to confirm that I knew about it. That way he won't know that Vincenzo and I talked last night but yet not wanting to lie to him at the same time. "Kitten, he already knows that we spent the night together. He as known the whole time. So no need to try to dance around the conversation." Vincenzo's voice ring out from behind my Grandfather's men.

I look at him and he gives me a heart-stopping smile. I then look at my Grandfather and he smiles and nods his head as if he's giving me permission. I run to Vincenzo were he picks me up in his arms and spins me kissing my cheeks. He eventually puts me down still keeping a strong hold on me. I cant stop smiling and everyone just laughs at me.

"So I'm taking everything went well?" I asked. "Not really, they wanted to kill each other multiple times. At one point I had to step in the middle of them when they start to draw their weapons. They are only this calm because they are both drunk as a skunk." Caleb said is if it was nothing.

I gasp backing away from Vincenzo. He tightened his hold on me pulling me closer and my Grandfather just laughed. "This boy is really funny isn't he? Nothing happened sweetheart we had a heart-to-heart and now I know the whole situation. You have my blessing if that is what you like.... If you are wanting to go back with him I completely understand and I will support you wholeheartedly but please let's wait until after brunch to make the decision shall we." Grandfather said and his tone turns a little bit mysterious the last sentence.

I just nod happy to have Vincenzo near me. Walking to the dining room and I stop. There at the table already sitting is Vincenzo's family along with mine. They all stand up to greet us. I'm so happy to see everyone. Until my eyes land on Katherine and better yet her huge baby bump. A sly smirk spreads across her face. "What's wrong dear sister did Vincenzo not tell you that we were having a child? Him, myself and this baby are going to be a family." She says.

My face turns pale and I struggle to get away from my disgraceful husband as I look between his guilty face and her belly.

His hold is too strong and I'm growing weak as the seconds pass. I can feel the darkness took taking over me as my body goes limp in his arms. I welcome the darkness wholeheartedly right now I just want nothing more than to escape.

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