Chapter 20

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"She can't be put in a state where her blood pressure rises to much she could loss the baby and possibly her own life. I recommend bed rest for the entire pregnancy." The voice of my Doctor says. "Thank you Doctor we will keep in touch." My Grandfather says. I open my eyes and I see my Grandfather seeing the Doctor out. I go to get up but there is a hand that stops me. "Princess you need to stay in bed." Vincenzo speaks. "Funny cause I was just going to tell you that you need to never touch me again." I seethed. "Princess please let..." my Grandfather cuts him off. "Listen baby-girl. I have some explaining to do. I invited them knowing that your step sister was pregnant and the rumors behind the pregnancy. However I did not know at the time was the full story. After meeting with your husband I am very sorry that I set this lunch up. I'm more sorry that it affected you so greatly and put you and your baby at risk. Please don't give up on him let him explain." My grandfather said.

"No need for explaining... I'm actually too hungry for that I'd rather go to lunch." I say as I tried to get up. "No, I don't think that's the best you are to rest." Vincenzo says. "Good thing you're just a pretty face....let me do the thinking." I say.

I get up and I walk to the dining hall. Everybody is gathered silently waiting. I guess they were waiting for my grandfather bacause they didn't seem to be waiting for me. When I walked and they all look surprised.

I take my normal seat at the right of my grandfather. Everyone take their seats around me. Vincenzo taking the seat next to me my father and stepmother acrossed for me. Caleb next to Vincenzo. Katherine by her mother diagonal from Vincenzo.

The fun starts off with a salad in silence that is until Katherine opens her mouth. "So I was thinking that my baby shower I want nothing but a light pink theme. More of a princess theme but after all she will be your princess Vincenzo." She spoke smiling.  Vincenzo says nothing but he stiffens in his seat.

"That's actually really a cute theme." I say "I would have thought you would have went for more of a realistic theme that fit the situation." I continued. "What do you mean? Like what?" She asked intrigued about what would I have to say next. "Well I have two things in mind. The first could be the theme from The Maury Show with banners saying He is not the father or He is the father or even Who is the father." I say. The other theme I like a little better. You can have a lot of black lights around like a very psychedelic kind of feel to it. With roofies everywhere and as the party favors. You know basically since the way you can conceive this child if in fact it is Vincenzo is the fact that you had to using a date rape drug to get him to sleep with you. Which to me is the funniest thing because I've always heard that he was such a hoe and the fact that you needed to use a drug to sleep with him shows you are just unable to meet anyone's standards really." I say in a laughing tone.

"That is uncalled for Athena." My stepmother says to me. I laugh I'm not a cute girly laugh but a I'm a serial killer and probably going to stab each one of you with my steak knife in the heart kind of laughs. "Really.... it's uncalled for.. really? I don't think so. What I do think is uncalled for is her whole life. You really should have used protection there." I laugh. "I mean I don't know how old she is she's looking pretty rough but come on... I'm pretty sure condoms were made back then. If not I know the pill was. What's really uncalled for is everything about her." I continued.

"Let's start at the beginning shall we. How about how she lied to me saying that Vincenzo was such a horrible person a monster. Her words used in fact is he is abusive rappist monster. She was now pregnant with his child because of the result of a rape and she just could not stand to go on knowing he would hurt the child from the abuse. She knew that he would kill her and the baby because that's how much of a horrible person he is. Therefore she needed me to help her Escape." I explain.

"I helped her being a loving and trusting sister only to be thrown into an arranged marriage with that same person that she was to marry who was this monster. Trust me I was not happy I thought of a million ways to kill myself before the wedding." I say and feel Vincenzo grab my hand.

"You know the whole hairdryer in the bathtub or the knick a major artery as you're shaving kind of deal but I manned up. I married him and it turns out there was a few lets say bumps in the road but really they were like landmines we got through it. We became a strong unit. A loving caring unit that could have stand the test of time. Then she comes back. She comes back crying how she was kidnapped. It's just so funny because I've watched a lot of NCIS and CSI and all those criminal shows. You know all the people who are kidnapped they usually don't come back wearing Prada and looking like they've been tanning in Miami for a week." I say.

"Anyhow she comes back crying that she's kidnapped and Vincenzo goes running to her to comfort her. She then claims that she lost the baby because of how poorly they treated her and yet she looks like she stepped out of a Vogue magazine. Then she goes to my anniversary party and drugs my husband so she can sleep with him. Oh and that's not even the topper. Then she tells me at the party that she slept with him and how they're meant to be. I'll never be as good enough as her and yada yada yada. Now she comes here to my family home and sits here in front of me claiming to be pregnant with my husband baby. You know the husband that was a horrible monster rapist who was so abusive. Talking about how they are going to be a loving family. I think that's more uncalled for then my two funny yet realistic party themes for her baby shower that I came up with. Oh and screw you for sticking up for her when I laid my life on the line for you. Now I'm regretting not letting you be sold as a sex slave. You chose a real winner there father. What a picture perfect family you have." I explained that with the condescending smile as I finish my salad.

"Man I'm starved what's the next course?" I ask as everyone sits in silence and stares at me.

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