Chapter 126

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and just to make this clear, I know how this story will end, and every single event that will lead up to the ending, and I won't change it. If i don't enjoy what i'm writing, I won't write. it's simple

comment me your reactions as you read, i still love reading your comments <3


Things happened fast: too fast for Evelyn's human brain to comprehend.

When she felt Zayn's hands on her body, and his unyielding strength imposing her down onto her back, his legs pushing apart hers, her mind was still adjusting the shock of seeing Harry.

Everything happened too fast.

One moment she was dazed and confused, the next she was struggling under the mad king's hold, frantically trying to free herself from under him.

His brown eyes stared down at her, void of consciousness and filled with darkened lust.

She screamed.

She struggled.

It was déjà vu.

She felt as if history was repeating itself.

Fury gathered in the pit of her stomach.

She slapped him, but he did not notice.

"Don't do this," she begged.

She glanced over Zayn's shoulder, her eyes scanning for Harry's, but instead found Ethan's; she did not realise he was there, in the room. It was the first time that she took notice of his presence in the room.

She did not waste time to wonder how or why he was there.

A rush of hope oozed along her veins.

"Ethan!" she screamed his name.

He did not turn his head.

His posture remained rigid and still.

His face was emotionless.

He did not pay her a moment of interest.

It was as if he did not care for her, did not love her, and did not see her as worthy to risk his life for.

"Ethan!" she cried for him again.

Still, he did not reply.

Her heart sank.

More tears over flown from the corners of her eyes, but her brain was too frenzied to comprehend.

Evelyn chocked back a sob.

She felt him, pressed against her entrance.

She prepared for the worst, but it never came.

Instead of Zayn's erection imposing itself into her, she felt a rush of cold air, a gentle hand taking hold of her shoulder, and the softness of sheets covering her exposed and naked body.

She felt a familiar embrace.

The strong arms around her body belonged to somebody who had saved her before, arms that belonged to a man who Evelyn already owed so much to.

Evelyn leaned against Harry's comforting chest.

His hand petted her hair gently, almost comfortingly.

She did not dare to open her eyes, in case it was not Harry's arms that were around her shoulders, but Zayn's: in case, the whole scenario was just an illusion of her imagination.

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