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Chapter Twelve: A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Heya everyone!

So sorry for the late update. Been so excited about finishing my other story: Thicker Than Blood that I haven't been able to think about this one! 

So enjoy this new chapter and I'll promise to update a little more often the next few weeks! ^.^ 

Thanks for all your support and votes and comments.



Without protest I followed Caleb out to his car that afternoon. Already used to him being at my side whenever I went anywhere. It was strange how easy it was to get used to really.

Even stranger was the fact that Marley hadn't once made a move towards me or even Caleb.

I sat down carefully in the passenger seat of the sleek silver car and smoothed my fingers over the soft leather. It was such a stark contrast to the seat in Jared's car, which was partially held together by duct tape.

'Well? Are you coming or do you want me to take you home?' Caleb's voice was soft but shook me from my reverie nonetheless.

'I don't know...' I said honestly, 'Will Marley be there too?'

He laughed and the sound gave me shivers, good ones, the corners of my mouth tugging up in a smile of their own accord.

'Of course not, why would you think that?' now he looked confused as he pulled out of the parking space and started driving. I noted that he drove in the opposite direction of my house.

Seemed like he'd decided for me.

'Well... She's your girlfriend...'

I jolted forward in my seat, the seat belt digging into my shoulder when Caleb slammed on the brakes hard. Luckily the street was utterly deserted. His eyes stared at me intensely

I frowned at him, what was that for?

'Winter... weren't you listening the other day? I broke up with her right in front of you... I don't want anything to do with her ever again.'


So that's what they were saying, or well what Caleb had been shouting at her yesterday afternoon.

Feeling happy all of a sudden I smiled at him.

'Okay then yes I'll come over I guess.'


Caleb´s house was huge. The garage alone held at least seven different cars and I´d glimpsed a set of bikes as well. It was three stories high and looked a little Victorian. One side overgrown with ivy.

Caleb led me into the house via a door in the partly underground garage and up a small set of stairs. The sight of the living room stole my breath away.

The room was huge with a massive Television dominating one wall. White leather couches set up around it artfully and a glass salon table in front of it. One wall was pure glass, looking out over a patio and beyond that the gardens and an outdoor swimming pool.

There was several small tables and bookshelves as well filled with books and objects of art. One wall boosted an expensive looking painting.

I felt totally out of place with my secondhand too big clothes and crappy spare glasses. The backpack hanging over my shoulder falling apart at the seams.

A shiver ran across my spine when I felt Caleb close behind me, his breath falling across my cheek as he leaned forward over my shoulder.

'You can see why the guys want to watch the game here don´t you? If you ask me... it's all so cold and sterile, you could do surgery in here...' he sounded genuinely as if he didn't like it here.

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