Party Time Part 1

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Everyone is sitting in the cafeteria at a table in the corner of the room.
"So, how was everyone's classes?" Banner asked.
"Horrible! I got a detention for not listening! I mean, who gets detention for not participating?" Tony asked as he shifted around his lunch tray.
"Apparently you," Natasha said as she ate a bite of salad. "The food here is really good."
"What is a Starbucks?" Thor asked as he turned to look at the Starbucks logo.
"It's a place where they sell coffee you oaf. Someone in my class told me all Americans go to Starbucks three times a day," Loki said as he sipped his iced coffee. Everyone turned and stared at him.
"Nothing. But I'm pretty sure that is just a stereotype," Clint said.
"I totally believe it," Steve said as he sipped his hot coffee. "Although, what kind of school has Starbucks in it?"
"A rich, private school," said a girl who sat at the table next to Steve. She was holding a cappuccino.
"Who are you?" Banner asked and Makayla's eyes grew as big as saucers.
"You don't know who I am? How do you not know who I am. I'm Makayla Ryan. The most popular girl at Juniper high school!" Makayla began fanning herself with her hand. After a few minutes, she pulled out a little hand purse and pulled out a mirror.
"Hold this for me, sweetie," she said as she shoved the mirror into Tony's hands. Then, she began to apply mascara to her already perfect eyelashes.
"I'm having a party Friday night," I wanted to know if you all wanted to come?" Makayla said while she reached into her bag for eyeliner.
"Ummm, I don't know, Makayla. We're really busy on weekends and I don't think that we'll be able to make it," Natasha said as she narrowed her eyes.
"No, I'm pretty sure you'll be there. Besides, I need a date and he's gonna be my date," Makayla said without looking up.
"Who are you talking about?" Clint asked.
"This one right here next to me. Steve Rogers."
"Wait. What?!" Tony and Steve said at the same time.
"Why do you look so stunned, Steve? You are like, the cutest guy in this whole school!"
"Hold up a minute, are we talking about Steve Rogers? The one that is sitting at this table and is eating pepperoni pizza? The small, skinny, kid that plans on joining the army when he gets older and then, ends of turning into Captain Am....." Tony started but Clint put his hand over Tony's mouth.
"Oh Steve! You're going to join the army? I just love a man in uniform! After we get married, you'll probably have to go to dangerous places like the jungle," Makayla squealed. She flung her arms around Steve's neck. "I can't wait to you at my party!" She got up and left. Everyone sat there and stared at each other.
"What just happened?" Banner asked.
"I don't know," Steve said.
"I'm saying this now. If someone comes over and asks Bruce to marry them, I will die," Tony said.
"Maybe we should think this over later. You know, about going to the party," Natasha said.
"It didn't sound like she gave us much of choice. Either we show up or we.... show up," Clint said.
"I choose the second one," Thor shouted.
"Do me a favor Thor. Shut up," Loki said. Thor frowned.
"Why does my brother not want me to talk?"
"Because you are extremely loud and annoying. Also, I am not your brother," Loki said as he stood up.
"Yes I am. You love me so much, don't you," Thor said as he followed Loki.
"Sure Thor," Loki said sarcastically

Authors note
Bet no one saw that one coming. Sorry about not updating but you guys are awesome, beautiful people and I am truly glad you decided to stick with me. I was a little nervous when no one replied to my notice but there will be more about this party! Yeah! I mean, who doesn't love a high school party?! So, comment or vote for this book! I read every comment. I am also going to start following any person that votes for any of my books. If you voted and I didn't follow you, shoot me a personal message and I'll get right to it. Thanks to my wonderful readers. I love you guys!
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