13 & Pregnant {3}

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"Ma lifestyle"Victoria sang as we walked down the hallway.She loves music more than anything.

"Look who's coming our way"Victoria said as she started to walk away from me.I looked ahead to see a stunning Ryan coming towards me.

"Hey babe"he said as he kissed my cheeks.I know people say that black people dont blush but its a lie.Black people blush sometimes but its just not visible.

"Hey"I said with a smile.This boy made me feel like im on top of the world,sometimes I actually think im in love but it too early for the 'L' word.

"Want me to walk you to class"He asked as he grabbed my book bag and walked down the hallway with me.

"Hey so I was thinking"He started to say in his cute shy voice,"you wanna go on another date with me"He asked as we got to English class.

"Thought u'll never ask"I said as I planted a kiss on his lips.

We walked hand in hand into class and sat at the back of the class.

"So are you guys like a thing now"The gossip girl of the school Charlotte asked me.We were currently at lunch and I was having a 'conversation'with Charlotte about Ryan and I.

"Not yet Charlotte were just dating we aren't official"I said smiling and biting on my apple.

"When you guys become official dont forget to tell me"she said as she got up and walked away while writing something in her notebook.

"That girl is so nosy"Victoria said coming out of nowhere.

"I was looking for you,where have you been?"I asked her.

"I was in the bathroom"she said in a duh tone and I didn't even bother asking her what she was doing in there.

"Lilly!!!!"Victoria exclaimed as she saw Lillian coming towards out table.The other girl where working on a project for their science class so they didn't come to lunch.

"Well your happy to see me"Lillian said eyeing Victoria suspiciously.

"Cause your my bestfriend in the whole wide world"Victoria exclaimed as she hugged Lillian.

"Vicky your freaking me out, what do you want?"Lillian asked trying to escape from Victoria's embrace.

"Nothing I just really love you"Vicky said which just made me burst out with laughter.

"Hey you remember the time I asked you for your brother number"She said while looking at Lilly with puppy dog eyes.

"O my God no im not giving it to you"Lillian said while throwing her hands up.

Vicky has always had a crush on Lillian's brother but the thing is Lillians brother is a senior and that will just be wrong.

After school I was walking home when Ryan came out of no where and started walking with me and I turned towards him and gave him a sweet smile and then he took my hand in his hand.

We walked hand in hand in complete peaceful silence.The way he makes me feel is unimaginable.I feel like im on top of the world.For the first time in my life I feel like I dont need to impress anyone.He loves me for me.

"Bye brook"He said as we got to my house.

"Bye" I said as I walked away into my house.

"Brook hon how was school"my mum shouted coming from upstairs in a wine coloured silk robe.

"It was good I guess"I said smiling and kissing her.

"Hey brook could you go over to vicky's house tonight cause im kinda busy"She said while looking upstairs and i instantly knew there was a guy here.It didnt really bother me cause its not the first time.

"Okay mama"I said smiling and winking at her.

I went upstairs and grabbed some clothes and walked over out of the house.

I was walking down the road when I bumbed into someone who was jogging.

"O im so sorry"The person said with a really familiar voice.I looked up and saw ryan and I instantly smiled.

"Brook its late you should be home"He said with concern.

"Im going over to vicky's house"I said

"Why dont you come over to my place first then i'll drop you off at vicky's house"He said holding my hand.

"Okay"I said smiling and walking back to his house.

"Ryan where have you beeen"A tall and 30 year old looking man said as he came towards Ryan but when he noticed me his expression softened.

"Well who is this?"He asked.

"Dad this is brook"Ryan said smiling and putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Oooo this is brook,nice to meet you,well guys im gonna step out i'll be back soon"He said and walked out.

"Lets go out"Ryan asked for the 100th time.

After we spent some time at his house we went to vickys but she wasnt home so I just decided to stay with ryan and now it was currently morning and Ryan was begging me to skip school with him.

"Okay"I finally said giving in.

"Yay lets go to the mall and tonight im taking you on a date"He said as he kissed my hand and went upstairs to take a shower.

This boy is gonna be the death of me.

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