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      Shivaay looked at his parents with thousands of emotions in his eyes which they couldn't decipher. Were they really his parents? Why can't they understand him? Why can't they accept his dreams? It wasn't that he didn't love them. He loved them a lot. He loved them like anything. They too loved him but not as a son instead as a trophy. They loved him like a machine who would work to fulfill their dreams forgetting about his own. He was SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. People always thought him to be born with a silver spoon. They always wished to live his life once. But only if they knew. How he wished he wasn't born as an oberoi. How he wished he belonged to some middle class family. At least he could chase his dreams. At least he could live his life on his own conditions. At least his parents would have loved him like a son not as an accomplishment about whom they can boast around. He never wanted this life which others wished. He aspired to live like a free bird who could fly as high as possible without no restrictions. He desired to do something different something unique which can give him happiness. But alas he never got a chance. His parents cut his wings even before he tried. But not now. He had had enough. Till now he lived for them but now it was time to live for himself. It was time to spread the wings of his dreams yet again. This time he won't stop whatever may come. This time he was going to choose which he would love not something which he was forced to do.

      Thinking about his upcoming desired life, he slept with a smile on his lips only to weave his dreams with hope in his heart............


     Heya peeps! So here comes the new story. Do tell me how's it.

This plot is given by Aisha_1609. Aishu! I hope i do justice to your hopes on me for this😀😀 I'll try my best❤

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