❣️chapter 15❣️

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"Let's get things done now shall we?"I say smirking as I took a whip from the table, I looked at her to see her shocked and terrified as she wiggled, trying to set herself free.

"Shhh....it won't hurt just like the way it didn't hurt her."I whisper close to her ears making her tremble beneathe me.

"What are you talking about?Let me go,you are crazy.You have nothing on me!Let me go!!"she lamented throwing daggers my way, I felt contented seeing her in such a state, I wanted to make her feel the same way Lia felt,no one should be treated that way, especially not her....

"Does the name Lia ring a bell?"I ask as she flinches on hearing her name... right!

"What does she have to do with this,that ungrateful fool,is this how she repays me after all I have done for her?"she spits,boiling my anger, pushing me right through the edge, how dare she call her that? Is inflicting pain to someone else nothing to her?
I know that I also do wrong, I also kill and punish people who cross my paths but only people who betray me, people who try to make me a fool, I punish the guilty and never the innocent.

"So you do know her,you see the scars behind her back,you my dear I'm going to do the same thing behind yours,I'm going to make you feel the same pain she went through when you abused her."


I am tired of staying in the hospital, I got nothing to do except watch TV and sleep.Urgh....this is so frustrating.

I just want to get out of this place, this place is torture.

"Ma'am,are you feeling okay now?"Xavier's driver asks as I politely smile back at him.

"I'm feeling okay now I just want to get out of here."

"No,it was boss's strict order that you rest and don't move.You are so lucky.The boss warms up when it comes to you,he cares about you."he says making me blush,does he really feel something for me,why do I really wish it was more than just care,you can care for your dog house ,car.... what if I want him to feel more for me?.


hear her loud screams that echo through out the dungeon, flattering me, I enjoy seeing her in pain,she deserves it,the agony in her face as the whip landed on her skin, I won't kill her just yet, I will free her after this, knowing that she will dread laying a hand on her. I guess, I thought wrong.


I never thought hospital could be this boring.

Nothing important on tv,no one to talk to since the driver left and boss Uriel didn't visit me since the time he left yesterday,I'm glad I'm being discharged today though.

"Lia, how are you feeling today?"the young doctor, slightly older than me asks flashing me a beautiful smile as the dimple formed on his left cheek,,he was handsome but nothing like Uriel.

"I'm feeling better doc, thanks for the help I guess."I stuttered, fidgeting with my fingers.

"Call me Ace beautiful,and I'm here to discharge you."
"Finally!can I go now?"I ask standing up from the bed as he stopped me by holding my hand as he looked straight at me with his cute smile.

"What's going on here?!"a familiar voice cuts us off as I quickly withdraw my hand.

Uriel in all his glory stood behind the doctor as he clenched his jaw, his eyes turning darker making me swallow a bile on my throat while he looked between me and Ace who still had his smile on.


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