Chapter 33: Beyond

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Hey guys I would be skipping a lot of summer camp arc, since I guessed everyone had watched it and it would be boring to read about it all over, though I still would still write about, I just can't wait till they moved into dorms(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) so half of this chapter contains summary.
3rd person POV

The sound of Sirens enveloping In your ears and the glistening coloured lights that came with it that was too blinding to look at.

The murmuring of reinforcement asking if everyone needs help with something, relocating injured students and whatnot, but what about Katsuki?
Why were they not trying to find those scumbag villains right now and rescue him. Why wait for tomorrow?

You were desperately reaching for him as he was slowly getting swallowed into the dark portal. His eyes were strictly dense as he said "Don't come near Y/n" he almost looked veil, but you knew it's was to save you. Your heart completely stopped and you felt as if you have been punched in the stomach a million times as you watch him disappear.
The familiar feeling that was almost unbearable, you had thought that you lost him and tears cascade down your cheeks, as a pang of pain slowly settle in your head, it felt like crying wasn't even enough.


As soon as you woke up in the sight of acoustic ceiling in the hospital, the pain and fear crippled back.

Together with a few friends you came up with a plan to rescue him. You had to, you felt impatient, you felt eager to save him and every hour that passed where you lay in bed alone you couldn't help but think about him or what you could've done to change the situation that is making you restless.

On the rescue night, you called out to him as Kirishima reached out his hand to Katsuki. You couldn't even breath, it was so intense and this plan requires no second tries. And Atlas he was finally saved lol.

(I got really bored writing that, lets put it to dat lol)



As we land to a surface, hopefully where a villain can not detect us, Katsuki had already burst himself ahead of the group.
We decided to blend in where a lot of people are present until everything cool down and we can report Katsuki's safety to the police.

Katsuki stare at me in the most awkward way and I felt uneasy.
"Stupid come here!" I told him and reached out my arms.
His lips curled and bolted to me, wrapping his hands around my back really tight as he bury his face in my chest and it felt so good, almost too much to be precise.
"You got me worried sick" I told him fighting back the tears that I had endured the entire time.
"I'm sorry.. and thanks, for coming here" he said softly against my chest and I melt, from the two etiquette words that he barely use.
"How does those words taste coming out of your mouth huh hot stuff?" I joked and smile.

"Yea Bakugo, where's our thank you too?, we also came in your rescue you know" Kirishima prattled.
"Fuck you! I ain't ask you to do it anyways" Katsuki growled at him and I just need to really hit him.
"Language Katsuki!" I lour at him and he grit his teeth.
"I don't know if you're more of my old man or that old hag" he rolls his eyes but I only glare at him and he flinched.
He's always bark and no bite when it comes to me and I most definitely love that about him..
He let out a sigh declaring his defeat and a light blush crept onto his cheeks.
"Thanks... I guess" He mumbled, avoiding eye contact with the rest of the group.
"Shit, he actually said it!" Kirishima sneered and snicker while he try his best to restrain his laugh.
"SHUT UP GODAMMIT!" Katsuki snapped.

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