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Perfection is a state of mind.

Nothing can be out of place, her hair, her make up, her attitude; perfect. For she was the Queen of Forks High, a title that she has claimed since sophomore year. Everyone wanted to be her or even breathe the same air as her.

She was perfect.

Or... that's what she wanted people to believe


Lilith wished that she could even pretend that she knew what Cynthia was running her mouth about, probably something as stupid as the latest fashion trends or some guy or something as equally as snobbish. She had known Cynthia since elementary school and as much as she wanted to ditch the vapid and shallow girl, Cynthia always seemed to attach herself to Lilith no matter how big of a bitch she was to her.

"...And then he just looked at me like I was stupid or something."

See, some guy

"Lilith, are you even paying attention to me?" The girl asked, her faced twisted in irritation.

"Yeah, you're stupid or something." Lilith mumbled absentmindedly, to be honest, she didn't care whether or not she hurt Cynthia's feelings. She knew that if something were to happen, Cynthia would betray her in a heart beat, but Lilith needed Cynthia. The girl was the schools biggest gossip and nothing went on in the school that Cynthia didn't know about. In exchange, Lilith was Cynthia's ticket into the 'in crowd'.

Cynthia huffed, if she didn't care about her social status, she would've told Lilith off for being such a bitch but she couldn't, unless she wanted to be knocked down the social ranking where the nobodies were. She shuddered at the thought. She turned her attention back to the brown skinned girl, envious of her effortless beauty.

Said effortless girl stuffed a fry into her mouth and Cynthia looked down at her less than appetizing salad and water. Lilith could eat ten burgers and still look great while if Cynthia even looked at fast food the wrong way, she'd be 20 pounds heavier and her face would be filled with acne.

It just wasn't fair.

"Hey babe." A voice said, making Lilith roll her eyes.

She turned to see Axel Turner, star quarter back and resident player of Forks High. She couldn't stand him to say the least. Everyone had been banking on them getting together to fulfill the footballer and cheerleader dating roles, like what would happen in the movies, but that wasn't happening. Still, he liked to tease her. She felt his lips touch her cheek and watched him steal a fry off her tray.

"Back off Turner!" She wiped her cheek. Who knows where his mouth has been.

"You know you love it babe." He grinned.

"In your dreams."

She watched Cynthia practically droll over Axel and his group of jocks. He was good looking with his dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and a build that would put Calvin Klein models to shame but she had zero interest in him. His personality was to blame.

Lilith tuned him out and looked away to see the Cullen table with Emmett Cullen staring at her with a small smile on his face. If Lilith wasn't attainable, the Cullens definitely weren't either. Both on top of the hierarchy, but she had never spoken to them with the exception of a few words here and there to Emmett. She had noticed that he had been staring a lot recently, whether he had been staring at her since he moved here two years ago or she had just noticed. Probably the latter as she was often stuck in her own world.

"Earth to Lilith." She looked away from him when she heard Cynthia's voice. "Were you and Emmett like having a moment?"

She ignored Cynthia and stood up, walking towards the Cullen table that consisted of Alice, Jasper, Edward and Emmett Cullen. The extremely pale adopted kids of Dr. and Mrs. Cullen. Her heels clicked as she walked to them and when she stopped in front of their table, she had their attention as well as the rest of the cafeteria.

"I'm not sure where you're from but around here, staring is rude." She told Emmett as she stared into his golden eyes. They were gorgeous, but they didn't phase her. If he and his family wanted to start a trend of wearing golden contacts then that was up to them.

He smirked, a smirk that would've worked on any girl except her. "I just like what I see." He was cocky, she hated cocky guys.

"I'd say the same," She looked him up and down. "But I've seen better." She chided and walked away making the other Cullen siblings chuckle.

Lilith Chamberlain was something else.

Emmett had realized that she was his mate as soon as they enrolled in Forks High. Her blood called to him in a way that no other human has. It didn't help that she was absolutely gorgeous as well. Her long dark brown hair, matching brown eyes and mocha skin made her seem like a goddess. She wasn't effected by his good looks or any of his siblings like everyone else. She acted as if he were everyone else and that actually made him feel good.

When they first came to the school, the vampire had seen the girl as she walked down the hall. The students had finally taken their eyes off him and his siblings. Time seemed to slow down as the girl walked and the crowd parted like the Red Sea. Her heels clicked as she walked with a girl who was talking her ear off at a mile a minute. She stopped in front of him and looked up at him with her small, dark brown eyes.

Did his presence attract her like hers did to him?

Could she feel the pull between them?


"You're in front of my locker, newbie." Her voice interrupted his thoughts. It was like wind chimes and he had to tear his eyes from her red painted lips to look at her eyes.

"Sorry 'bout that."

She raised an arched brow, "Are you gonna move or just stand there?" She asked when he got distracted by how amazing she looked and still continued to stand in front of her locker.

"Right." He moved to the side and he watched as her black painted nails spun her locker combination. "We're new here-..."

"Great, don't care." She interrupted, uninterested.

"Would you be able to show my siblings and I around?" She looked at him again then looked around him to see his siblings behind them. Edward was looking at her as he read her mind to listen to her think how weird they all looked.

She snapped her fingers and some blonde girl instantly came her side. "Cynthia, can you show them around?"

The girl, Cynthia, nodded as she thought about how hot they looked, especially Emmett. "Sure."

"There." She closed her locker and she walked past him, her scent invading his nose.

"Who was that?" Alice asked, completely put off by the girls attitude.

"Lilith Chamberlain, Queen Bee." Everyone could sense the hostility in her voice.

Lilith Chamberlain, his mate

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