Payton Moormeir 🦋

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I woke up to the sunlight beaming in from my window. I look over and see his adorable baby face. Light snores coming out of him.. I was a little spoon, so I moved to where I was facing him. I brushed his hair out of the way and gave him a peck on the nose. He jumped slightly. I giggled. "Your giggles are amazing to wake up to." I smiled "aw thanx baby."

We stared at each other for what felt like hours, but in reality probably like 2 minutes. "Im hungry I'm gonna go make breakfast ." I said, while jumping out of bed. He quickly grabbed my wrist and pulled me back into bed, making me land on top of him. Our faces were so close our noses were touching. "Noooo don't go just yet. I have had my morning kiss.." I gave him a smirk." I don't know.. should I? I said while bringing us closer. "Yes I think you should.." he said.

We were whispering at this point.. He put his forehead against mine and started to lean in. Our lips touched. It feels like sparks every time we kiss. Even if it's a peck. It feels right  every time. I know it's right. We pull away after a few minutes of tongue wars (omg I'm sorry😂 that made me cringe) we stare at each other, in love, in lust, in happiness of each other. "I love you Payton Moormier." " i love you Y/N   Y/L/N.

I get back up and walk out of my room, leaving him in the bed. I walked down the stairs, the coldness hitting my toes. I decided I was making pancakes for breakfast. I stood up on my tippy toes to reach all the ingredients. I put the flour in a mixing bowl and added all the other things. I turned the stove on, putting the pan on top of a heating surface (idk what those things are called. Isn't the stove top or something like that?) I poured some of the mixture on top of the pan. It already smelt good. I decided to go get Payton so he wouldn't fall back asleep.

I walked in the door way to see him snoring again. I smiled too myself. I walked over and straddled him. I looked over his body, tracing his abs. "Like what you see??" I jumped. I wasn't expecting him to wake up so easy. I blushed. "Get up breakfast is almost done" I said getting off of him. I hurried  back down to the kitchen. Don't wanna burn pancakes. I flipped the pancakes and waited.

Payton came down the stairs shirtless, but had joggers on. I could already feel myself getting a little wet, but didn't make it obvious. I grabbed a plate for Payton and me. I put the pancakes on the plates, grabbe the syrup out of the cupboard and set it on the island/counter. I sat next to him, and we ate our pancakes. Once we finished, we decided to lay down on the couch, cuddle up next to each other, and watch spongebob. Then again,I heard snores. "I love you" i whispered in his ear before falling asleep.
This is my very first one, so if it's bad, I'm so sorry. Hopefully as I make more, it will get better

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