Chapter 25

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(Nightmare Part 3)


  I looked at my mother with hatred and rage, all against her no less.

  I had recently been wondering if my parents had forgotten about me over the years. Turns out I was slightly wrong. I mean, they did fight a lot and they kinda did abandon me. They didn't even care to come and look for me. That right there... breaks my heart.

  I know deep down, they didn't care for me. Maybe when I was younger, but apparently not anymore. They didn't start yelling and arguing at each other until I came back from school that one day. I was mad, angry, and pissed off.

  I was mean to my parents. I yelled at them, screamed, and somewhat cussed them out in the middle of their sentences. But now... I don't regret a single thing. I don't regret yelling at them, cutting them off, or even just running away in general.

  "W-what do y-you want f-from me, you b-brat?!" My mom spat in my face. I snapped out of my daze as I chuckled darkly, "What do I want, mom? Hmmm... what I want... is you gone." I spat coldly towards her. I laugh slightly as her eyes widened in fear.

  "W-we both cared about y-you, (Name). Why do this??" She asked softly. I scoffed at her pretending to be a "caring" mother, once again. "I just love how you keep trying to keep playing the victim card. Dad did the same thing, you know. And now look at him.... he's laying there.... dead."

  Mom starts crying and I don't buy that scene from her. Not. One. Bit. "But I did care about you! You just never cared. You were always just so... angry and hateful towards us! Don't you get that?! It was your fault!!" Mom spat, while crying in fear.

  That made my blood... boil put of rage... and anger. I grabbed my knife tightly in my hand once more... and slammed it down into her arm, pinning her arm; along with the knife, to the hardwood floor. My mom screamed in agony and in pain, probably loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood, but there's no one here. Who gives a flying dingus?!

  "Dont blame this shit on me! You guys are the one's who made me like this! You guys abandoned me..." My voice sounded cold as ice. So... full of hatred.

  I took the knife out of her arm, which cause her to scream even louder. I chuckled. "I'm getting bored of you now. I'll just let you know this one thing before I kill you... I want you to know.... that I'm glad you made me this way." I whispered in her ear, smirking insanely.

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