Chapter 18

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"Where are we going today?"

Sara's jaw tightened as her sister asked her the same question she had been asking since they had gotten up that morning and their mother had told Sara that her sister had to tag along. It was the third time in the last month that the little girl had been foisted upon her and Roy when they went out together. Twice was to the rink. The third time was to a picnic.

"I've told you that I don't know. Just be patient."

"But why don't you know?"

Sara turned and glared at her sister. "Listen, you are coming only because Mama said you had to. Just keep quiet and don't ruin this."

Her sister scrunched up her nose and stuck her tongue out. Sara rolled her eyes again. For a thirteen year old, her sister was very immature.

"Is he going to kiss you?"

Sara gasped. "Watch your mouth!"

Her sister giggled. "You are a prude like everyone says."


"Everyone at school. They make fun of you, you know."

Sara turned away and looked up and down the street for Roy's truck. She knew she was talked about and didn't care. They were all stuck up fools anyway. So what if she didn't let the boys grope her kiss her? At least her reputation wasn't about how many she had let go up her skirt.

She tried to focus on Roy. He'd be there any minute. Every week, they had met up for nearly two months. Each time, Sara found herself enjoying his company more and more. He was comfortable. He was safe. She didn't fear him trying to put a hand down her shirt. Roy was always a gentleman. It also helped that her sister was present so much of the time.

Safe. That was an interesting word choice. She did feel safe with him. She was even feeling safe at home. Her mother had kicked Tom out the previous week after she had caught him at the bar with the waitress in an extremely compromising situation. Sara masked her relief when her mother had informed them. Things were looking up all the way around.

Her eye caught the light blue of the truck as it turned the corner and headed down their street. A slight smile tugged at her lips. Roy was becoming the highlight of her week.

The truck pulled up to the curb. Her sister jumped up and ran to Roy, talking a mile a minute. Sara slowly stood up and brushed off her skirt. When she got to the truck, Roy had opened the door. He patiently listened to her sister's prattle.

She stopped at the door and let her sister climb in. Roy flashed her a wide smile. "Sorry about this," she said as she slipped in.

"It's fine." He closed the door, still smiling.

Roy moved around the truck and climbed into the passenger side. "Well, you gals ready to go?"

"The rink?" Her sister piped up.

Sara snapped, "The rink is closed for the year. School has started again."

Her sister pouted. "Yes, I know, but I thought maybe..."

Sara narrowed her eyes. "We go wherever he is taking us.Be grateful."

Roy gave her a calming smile. She returned it, feeling the peace he always gave her. Being with him was so different than when she was at home or even at school. Tenth grade was boring to her. She did well but hated dealing with the other students who were always spreading rumors and stabbing others in the back. It was drama all the time.

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