neglected//e.d - pt2

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"Took advantage of you?" He asked. Adeline nodded. "How so?" He asked. Adeline looked over at Ethan.

"H-he-" She stopped, tears forming in her eyes. Ethan sighed, rubbing her knuckles.

"You're okay, princess," He said with a sigh. Mr. Marios looked at them, awaiting a response. Ethan looked at him before turning back to Adeline. "You can do this, princess, I know you can," He whispered. She nodded and wiped at her eyes. And in a few minutes, she was saying.

"He raped me."

Silence filled the room as the principle's eyes widened. Adeline looked back at her lap, picking at the sleeves of her sweatshirt. They were all silent for a moment. "Do you know who the student is?" Mr. Marios asked. Adeline nodded and Ethan squeezed her hand. "And this happened at a party?" He asked.

Adeline looked up. "Yes."

"As I said before, Ms. Dolan, we cannot be held responsible for anything that occurs outside of school hours and property," He began. Ethan slammed his fist on the counter and stood up. Adeline gasped as she stood up after him, grabbing at his wrist.

"Bullshit!" Ethan yelled as Adeline's grip around his hand tightened and he brought her closer to him. "She's literally asking you for fucking help and you won't give it to her?" He yelled.

"Dad, let's go," Adeline's whispering, tugging on his arm, praying the students don't hear them.

"I pay fifteen thousand dollars to this school every year, fifteen fucking thousand!" He yelled. Adeline whimpered, pulling at his arm. "And my daughter can't get fucking help?" He asks.

"I will not be spoken to like this," The principle says, standing. Ethan raises his eyebrows, stepping back.

"Oh yeah?" Ethan asked. "Fuck you and this fucking school."

"Dad," Adeline whispered. Ethan looked down at her and pulled her into him.

"You're transferring princess, let's go," He said, pulling her out of his office and past the secretary. "Let's go home angel, we'll figure this out soon."


"So how'd it go?" Y/N asked as Ethan and Adeline walked in. Ezra looked up from his homework. "Everyth-" Ethan cut her off.

"Shes transferring," Ethan said. Y/N looked over at Adeline who sat down at the table across from her brother. "The guy won't let her fucking talk," Ethan grumbled, turning the coffee machine on.

Leave it t him to make coffee at 4 pm. Y/N sighed, rubbing Adeline's shoulder.

"You okay with transferring?" She asked. Adeline shrugged and nodded. "Then we'll-" Ethan cut her off.

"This is private school bullshit," He said, shaking his head. Y/N sighed.

"I know baby, but pub-" He cut her off again.

"This is so fucked up, I'm gonna give the kid a piece of my m-" Adeline cut him off.

"Don't, dad," She sighed. Ethan looked down at her. "Just let it go, I just wanna forget it."

Ethan looked at her and sighed. Ezra stood up, taking his textbook. "I'm going over to Uncle Gray's," He said. Y/N nodded and kissed his head.

"Be back before dinner or tell your aunt to call me," She called after him. "I need to go to the store, we have nothing in the fridge," Y/N sighed. Ethan grinned.

"We could do pizza?" He asked. Y/N rolled her eyes and shook her head. "C'mon we haven't had pizza in so long," He sighed. Adeline smiled and picked at her sweatshirt.

"I still have to go to the store," Y/N said with a smile. She kissed Adeline on the head and grabbed her purse. "But I'll think about it," She said, pecking Ethan on the lips.

And she was off, leaving Adeline and Ethan silent at the kitchen table. Ethan spoke first. "I'm sorry, angel," He sighed, tracing the rim of his mug with his fingertips.

"Why?" Adeline asked. She wanted his coffee.

"For being such a bad dad," He sighed. Adeline shook her head.

"You're not a bad dad," She told him. Etha put his mug down and rubbed at his face with his elbows on the table.

"I should've been there for you," He said quietly. "I should've been there, sometimes I wish I'd just talked to you, wish I'd just been the dad you needed."

"It's okay, dad," She said quietly. "You're here now," She whispered. E looked up at her and she gave him a small smile.

"'m still sorry," He mumbled. She smiled shaking her head.

"Dad," She said in a few moments. He looked up, rubbing his eyes. He was not going to cry in front of his princess. "I've been clean," She whispered.

E raised his eyebrows. "Clean?" He asked. Adeline nodded, pulling at her sleeves. E looked down and back up at her.

"A month or so," She mumbled. Ethan smiled, standing up.

"This deserves ice cream," He said with a grin. Adeline raised her eyebrows. "What you still like ice cream right, or we can get sushi-:

"You never get ice cream?" She asked. Ethan chuckled. "You hate it when I get ice cream," She said, shaking her head.

"I'm proud of you," He said, pulling her into his chest. "And proud means even ice cream." Adeline giggled as he squeezed her.

"Ethan Dolan eating ice cream?" She asked with a smile. Ethan grabbed his keys, wrapping an arm around her.

"Anything for his princess."

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