"What are Brownie Points?"

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Chapter 1.

“What are Brownie Points”

Yes, you heard it right, “Brownie Points”!

You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve heard people talk about it and you think that you know what they are and if they are real but aren’t quite sure. Well, I'm hear to tell you all about the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, (sorry Clint), parts of the ever magical “Brownie Points” I’m here to tell you that “yes, Virgil” just like Santa Claus, they are REAL, they are very REAL! So, without any further delay, we are going to jump headfirst into the mystical, magical world of “Brownie Points” with the ease of an Olympic high diver, that’s not afraid of heights!

Dictionary meaning: Brownie Points (brouw-nee poin-t-s)

A monetary system for spouses (or significant others) when they screw up and want a "Get out of the Dog House" Free card. (or something like that) This is the clear and precise definition of the phrase Brownie Points. Basically what it means (In terms that your average caveman can understand) is that a spouse, let's face it and say husband, is able to use saved up points (called Brownie Points) to get out of trouble without consequences.

Throughout the book we will refer to the other person that is not us, as the wife, girlfriend or significant other as a spouse and yes they are all interchangeable. Its an easy to understand concept and fairly easy to implement as long as the rules were always constant, but this is just like a TV game show, with the exception that the rules are constantly changing in the favor of the other contestant  or spouse. (usually the wife) Now the whole brownie point system would be a lot more fair if the rules were enforced and obeyed by both spouses and not just one and if the rules were the same for both parties, but oh well, we’ll play the cards were dealt. I am now going to attempt to explain to you in the chapters that follow what Brownie Points really are and how the system is supposed to work and how it actually DOES work. There are many different ways of collecting Brownie Points as well as there are many different opportunities to use Brownie Points and for those of you with a little imagination and some cunning road work (like Rocky, Yoo Adrian!!) there are many different ways to manipulate the usage of your precious Brownie Points.

What are brownie points you ask? Off course you’re asking, that’s why you have the book in your hands, dude? Well these highly collectible and rare points are the direct result of doing the right thing to please one's significant other or spouse. Very, very simple but don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity!

Brownie Points can be earned in a variety of ways, like I have already mentioned, are you guys paying attention! The trick is to be able to know what your spouse wants or needs before THEY do (wow like magic!), this knowledge is half the battle, (or more), as you can accomplish things your spouse will handsomely pay for (in “Brownie Points”) to be used later when we screw up! Did you notice that I said “When” and not “If” because we all know that when you are in a relationship, sooner or later, you will say the wrong thing or turn to the wrong channel, or let’s face, just because we are there present in the room is enough already!

Now do not make the rookie mistake that if you please your spouse you will automatically start collecting points because those rumors are just not true, those kinds of things only happen on TV or in the Movies. In real life the magic and romance of the brownie points are very real, (and very elusive if you are a guy), so we have to work a little harder. We will be creating the illusion of romance when we first lay the trap...er...I mean when we go on our date! When the relationship first begins, we get caught up in the initial contact (like meeting an alien race for the first time...for some of us). At this spot in the relationship Brownie Points are still a sort of mystical object but reality is starting to set in as we start to do favors for each other like feeding the cat when she is away and getting stuck in her driveway in 2 feet of....eh, I ah, well you can certainly see where this all would go if we don’t keep a lid on things. Earning brownie points at different stages of a relationship also effects the amount of brownie points that you can earn for any given task. Let’s face it, a flower bouquet will net you more brownie points with a girlfriend at the age of say 25 at the beginning of a relationship than with a wife of 40 years, but that is only common sense...I hope.

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