100% Perfect Ch.5

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100% Perfect Ch.5

**Stephanie’s POV**

            I beat on the door to Gordon’s house. Bailey stood next to me, tapping her foot. Gordon opened the door and rubbed his green eyes. “Steph?” He asked, voice groggy. “Uh, yeah, hi.” I said. “Come in I guess. What happened?” Bailey and I walked in to his house, which was the general bachelor’s pad. Old pizza boxes and beer cans littered his kitchen while his Xbox controller lay on his couch. Not exactly what you’d expect from a scientist, but exactly what you’d expect from Gordon. “Africa came after us.” Bailey said. “Wait, what?” Gordon’s eyes shot open, confused. “Sit down first.” He moved the controller on to his end table, and all three of us sat down on the brown couch. “She means Africa’s government official people decided it’d be great to find us and take us.” I said. Gordon clicked on the T.V. and changed it to Fox News. Surely enough, our faces were on the screen.

            “News reporters and cops from last night say that African officials were in search of these to young women, one of which is a Genetic mutation and a harm to society.” The reporter said. “Did they seriously just call me a MUTATION? Um, excuse me, I happen to be genetically tampered with, not mutated. And threat to society? Really?” Bailey went on. “This is bad.” Gordon said, walking towards his fridge. “What are you guys going to do?” He asked, pulling three Pepsis out of the fridge. “There is a reward if these women are found and turned in to the American government, and rewards will be given for leads that help in the capture of these girls. Please realize our government only wants to find these women for the sake of their safety, so please don’t be hesitant to help them. That concludes this story, and we’ll be back after the short break.” The TV hummed.  “Crap.” I said.

            Bailey and I sat in Gordon’s bathroom, waiting for our hair to be dyed. He had gone out to get hair dye and colored contacts for both of us, along with makeup and food among other things. “Redhead or brunette?” I asked Bailey. “Can’t I stay blonde?” “Do you really want to risk being caught? The government doesn’t give a care about our safety.” “Fine. Brunette.” I popped open the box of L’Oreal Hair dye and applied it to Bailey’s hair by instruction. Then I opened the box of red and did the same. Bailey and I then sat on the edge of Gordon’s tub and waited the ten minutes it took. I washed Bailey’s dye out, and then did the same to me. As I ran the warm water over Bailey’s hair, she said, “I really hope it doesn’t turn out green or something like that.” I laughed, and so did she.

            Now I must admit, we looked great. Gordon gave me green contacts and Bailey brown, so now we looked like completely different people. Bailey was now resting peacefully on Gordon’s couch. Gordon was sitting on his armchair and silently playing Call Of Duty. “Don’t you have a job?” I laughed. “Yes, I do. But I happen to have three days off a week.” He smiled his smile. I think my heart fluttered a bit. Wait. Whoa. I couldn’t be falling in love with Gordon. He’s my best friend. I have Bailey. We’re on the run, it couldn’t work. “You look beautiful.” He said, and I blushed. “Thank you.” I said, and watched him continuously shoot people.  “You guys will be okay.” He said to me, rapidly moving his fingers. “We’ve got the world after us Gordon. Chances are they’ll find us. They’ll kill me. They’ll use Bailey. And when they’re done they’ll kill her too. I never asked for any of this. I just wanted to be a scientist, to help people. True, I ended up with the best daughter anyone could ask for, but she’s thirteen. I’m thirty-five. The story I’m going to be forced to tell everyone is that I had her at twenty-two and the father just left.” “But what if I came with you?” Gordon said. I looked at him, shocked. “You don’t want to be involved, you’ll end up dead, just like us.” “I’m already in too deep.” “No Gordon. Your face isn’t the one on TV. You don’t want to be known as the scientist who got landed with a genetically messed up teenager.” “No. I want to be known as the scientist who saved the scientist who got landed with a genetically messed up teenager and the genetically messed up teenager herself.” “Gordon. No. You can’t-“ He kissed me. Out of the blue. He just kissed me. “I don’t have a choice. I love you. Always have, always will. And no matter what, Bailey’s just as much my daughter as yours.”

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