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•{ Tori's POV }•

Luca and I walk downstairs only to get in a argument with my father.

"There is no way she is going with you. You don't even have back up." My father said in a serious tone

"It's too dangerous for the both of you."
Riccardo says

"I think you should take Marco. He's your second and command and would be able to watch himself and observe everything while having your back because you are the Don after all and you have to be careful."
Francesco advises

I was going to respond on the lines of me being a grown woman who can protect myself far more than back up could. Plus I'm offended that they think I couldn't handle myself and have Luca's back....but before I could even respond Luca places his hand on my lower back as if to assure me he'll handle it.

"That's exactly right I'm the Don. I'm in charge and Tori is going as my date and back up tonight. We aren't taking anyone else because we won't need anyone else. I am trusting Tori and her loyalty in case something goes wrong. As far as her safety, I'm the Don for a reason and I think I am more than able to keep her safe. Tori is sworn in and is rightly apart of this family, in fact if she was a man she would probably be the Don. She has proved herself over and over again now I expect all of you to treat her as your equal..and I mean ALL of you. Now if you are done questioning my decisions and insulting Tori, we need to leave before we are late.." Luca says with authority dripping from it and I can't even deny the hotness of it.

Luca guides me out the front door and leads me to an all black sports car but what shocks me is that there isn't a driver.

"No driver?" I question

"Don't worry I'm a good driver and the car is bullet proof. Perfectly safe."
Luca says with a smirk

"Oh I wasn't worried." I say with a normal tone

I get inside the car after he opens the door for me. He goes to the shut the door for me but I grab it and say "I think I can manage."

"I know you can manage it perfectly fine but I was raised to be a gentleman and my mother always said that any woman with a mind would never go with a man who didn't open the car door for her." Luca says

I let out a light laugh and say "Elena is old fashioned and there is a lot of difference between her and I. I'm a grown woman who is independent and from a new generation. So if you are going to open my doors then let me shut them."

"Deal." Luca says with a smile

"There was never a deal to be made. It was either let me shut my own doors or I'll just get out of this car before you pull off." I say with fake sweet smile trying to ruffle him up a little

Luca hits the gas and speeds out of there.

"Care to jump out now?" Lucas asks looking at the road but I can see a smirk

"I don't really fear death so sure." I say teasing but also being honest but I can see Luca tense

"You are never dying on my watch..." I hear Luca say more to himself than to me but then he goes on to say "I know what your problem is you hate giving up control."

"I don't hate it because I don't do it. I always have control even if it may not seem like it."
I reply seriously in a normal tone

"Oh really? If I wanted to flip this car there is nothing you can do about it. That doesn't sound much like control."
Luca says with a smirk

"As I said before I don't fear dying and you just said I wouldn't die on your watch meaning you probably wouldn't do it. Even if you did I still have control. I wouldn't die unless I gave up. My body has the will to fight. My mind would still be strong and completely mine. I also made the decision to get in this car with you being prepared for anything. See?
I always have control." I explain

Luca just looks in deep thought and the rest of the ride is in comfortable silence.


We arrived at this dinner party over an hour ago. Everyone is starring at us and us only.
I hear whispers and rumors spreading.

Everyone at first thought I was his hoe but then after he had me sit on his left hand side all of them shut their mouths about that...I don't really know why though but then the whispers began again but this time they were saying things like that I was his future wife and that he would never let a whore of his sit on his left hand side. All of it confuses me.

Also I find it strange that Luca and I seem so interesting because honestly we haven't done much at this party.

We got announced in formally walked around for a bit then we sat down and ate.

I don't even know anyone here but Luca seems to know them and be kind of friends with a few well more like good business partners but it is what it is.

I haven't had any run ins with many females they look to scared to walk up to me or Luca.
But I don't miss the looks...some of envy, curiosity, jealousy, and lust thrown at Luca.

However I'm not blind to miss that more then a couple of guys have been nearly undressing me with their eyes...pigs.


"Are you ready to go?" Luca asks me

"Are you seriously asking me?" I ask confused

He raises an eyebrow but nods.

"This is your dinner party. I'm ready to leave whenever you are done." I tell him

He nods looking satisfied with my answer.

Luca guides me out of the party and opens my door for but waits for me to get in and shut it for myself making me smile. He gets in on the other side and we take off soon we make it back to the mansion. We walk in and I half way expected to see my father or someone waiting but there wasn't. Luca walks me upstairs.

"You were perfect tonight.." Luca says

"What?" I ask not understanding

"The way you look. The way you handled everything even the whispers and rumors with your head held back unfazed. The way you knew when to speak and when not to.
The way you talked to the men and made sure they respected you without disrespecting them.
You were perfect. You are perfect."
Luca tells me and seems genuinely

"Thank you! You were the perfect Don. Now is this some ploy to get invited into my room?"
I ask teasingly making Luca smirk

"No. I don't need an invitation but im hoping it helps convince you to come to mine."
Luca says smoothly

I lightly laugh

"Is it working?" He asks with a smirk

"Maybe." I answer


And with that out relationship moved forward...and the kind you can't go back from.

But in the best way possible...

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