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Hours had passed and Gemini was still a frog. Scorpio was the only one capable of casting spells and he had been locked in his room ever since the past events.

Gemini was in Cancers room. They were taking care of him for the meantime. Gemini didn't like that at all. He thought he'd end up third-wheeling.

"I wonder if the spell is permanent," Pisces mumbled so Gemini wouldn't hear him but he did.

"hmm. I remember hearing his parent's story. It's similar to my parents actually! A true love kiss is able to break the curse ," Cancer smiled.

"you heard that Gem? Too bad you haven't told us who your crush is," Pisces patted the frog's head.

"maybe Libra knows!"

"yeah but we still need to wait. Maybe this will only last a couple hours," after hearing that Gemini let out another frog sound. He didn't want to be a frog any longer.

Libra had taken Capricorn to the garden. Their plan all along was to mislead Capricorn into believing that his plan was working. At the last moment, the royal guards would take care of Jafar.

"I'm sorry for what Aries said earlier," Libra faked empathy.

"o-oh it's alright. I'm actually glad she said that because other wise you wouldn't be here with me," Capricorn smirked at her. He had seen Scorpio smirk at her a million times before so maybe he could imitate him.

Libra wasn't impressed. She would've rolled her eyes if she could.

Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Leo were in the living room. As much as they disliked Scorpio and Capricorn, they weren't sure about Leo and Aquarius. They had become nicer, but their habits wouldn't change in a few days.

"how long have you two been together?" Sagittarius asked.

"three years," they said at the same time. "it was pretty hard to hang out though," Leo placed his arms on Aqua's shoulder.

"yeah, my mother and I lived in the ocean after all,"

"I think the only reason she permitted our relationship was because she admired my mother's cruelty," Leo chuckled.

"What about you girls? It must bee easier to find love over there right," Aqua asked. Aries and Sagittarius looked at each other with amused looks.

"not really.. My father broke my mother's heart when I was born. She taught me to be independent. When I talked to her about boys she would always give me a speech about them being pigs and not worth it," Sagittarius said.

"and in my case, I just don't need a man," aries smiled.

"so you two are going to be single forever?" Leo asked. He wasn't making fun of them, he just wasn't convinced that they could be single for so long.

"we'll marry each other! My mother didn't say anything about girls," Sagittarius winked at Aries but Aries only laughed at her.

Meanwhile, Virgo and Taurus were being their cute selves. They wanted to relax and have some privacy.
Taurus had been staring at Virgo's long straight hair and wondered how it would feel between his fingers.
"can I braid you hair Virgo?" Virgo nodded.
Taurus started deviding the hair into sections. He ran his fingers over the soft hair a couple times before moving the sections across from each other.
"this is nice," Virgo closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment.
When taurus was done he tied the end.
"Virgo?" she hummed in response, sleepy from getting her hair done.
"will you be ly girlfriend?" Virgo's eyes hot open. She turned around to face a blushing Taurus.
"yes Taurus," the two of them leaned in slowly. When their lips crashed with each other they felt sparks. The same sparks their parents had felt when they realized they were in love.

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