Ryouko's POV

~Hot Spring~

"It's so relaxing"-Reiko

"You're right"-Me

"I wonder what Yukiteru and Okumura are doing?"-Reiko

"They are in the other hotspring"-Me


"Yes.So,If you want to say something just shout"-Me


"Is there a problem?"-Me

"I think I feel something weird"-Reiko



"Is Ryouko fine?!"-Okumura

"Yes,I'm fine!!

After that....


Reiko's POv

"I'm so sleepy"-Me

"Then go to sleep"-Ryouko

"Good Night"-Me

"On the record It's afternoon"-Ryouko



"I know let's eat"-Me


After that they eat....




"Let's all go at the festival tonight"-Yukiteru


"Let's wear a kimono"-Me

"Sure,But first let's buy"-Ryouko

"But I don't have a money"-Me

"I will treat you"-Ryouko


"Can we go with you?"-Okumura


Then they go at the market....


"What color do you like?"-Ryouko

"I want the blue one"-Me

"And I like the violet one"-Ryouko

After that they buy the kimono..........


Ryouko's POV

"We will get ready for the festival"-Me


After a few minute the girls get change....

"Hey,What do you think"-Reiko

"Wow,You look wonderful"-Yukiteru

"Let's go at the festival"-Me

"You look adorable"-Okumura

"What am I a stuff toy?"-Me

After that they go at the festival.....




"Let's buy some mask"-Me


Then they bought mask......

"Guy,Let's catch some goldfish there"-Okumura


"I'll pass"-Me

"Are you sure?"-Reiko

"Me too"-Yukiteru

"You too huh"-Okumura

"Let's go Okumura"-Reiko


Then the two leave.....

"Let's buy some crepe"-Yukiteru


Then they buy some crepes....

"Let's sit at the stairs over there"-Yukiteru


Then they sit......

"What do you think about Reiko?"-Me

"About that girl?"-Yukiteru


"She's kind of cute,friendly and cheerful but she is a violent girl"-Yukiteru


"What about you?What do you think about Okumura?"-Yukiteru

"He is protective,kind and friendly but sometimes I hate him from being protective"-Me

"Okay then"-Yukiteru

"What do you think about me?"-Me

"I think you are cute,quiet but kind.But sometimes you talk like a boy"-Yukiteru

"Thanks for answering"-Me

"What do you think about me?"-Yukiteru

"You are funny,kind,friendly but you are too noisy"-Me


"Can I tell you a secret?"-Me


"Here it is.Back when I was a first year student I have a crush on Okumura.Then one day I confess my feelings to him but he said "Sorry but I don't like you.Let's be friends" and I only said "Okay"..On that they I promise to myself that I will not show my feelings anymore"-Me

"So,That's why you are always quiet"-Yukiteru


After that......



"I catch 5 goldfish"-Reiko

"And I only catch 2"-Okumura

"Don't be dissapointed"-Yukiteru

"Okay guys let's go home"-Me


*I'm glad Ryouko opened up to me and tell her feelings about me.And I know one secret about her..I wish Ryouko will show her emotions again...Because I want to see her smile,laugh,cry, and shy*

 End of Chapter 21

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