chapter 2

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      "W-what kind of game?" I chirped, he had me sitting on his chest. His hands gripping the bones on my hips, straddling me. He didn't answer right away, instead, he held me down with his eyes. They were so pretty. I swear they made my heart pound, and my face burst out in a million shades of red.

      "Oh, Switches. My little dumbass, the game we're about to play is unlike any game you've ever played before," he paused "What does my little off-and-on switch taste like?"

    Off and On? Switch? Sawyer had never spoke to me like this before. Let alone let me sit on him in such an inappropriate position. I felt so bad...enjoying a game I didn't even know how to play.

Wait, did he say taste?

    I only wore a long, buttoned dress shirt which hung below my bottom. The shirt had risen, leaving my lower body exposed to Master's venomous touch. I can't say I wasn't enjoying myself, but the feeling in my stomach was too much. I shut my eyes tightly, shaking. And because I was on my Master's stomach ,sitting on him with no clothing underneath my gown, my body only begged me ever more.

     He chuckled as he ran his nails against my inner thigh. Slightly nipping at the sensitive skin. All I could do was shut my eyes, and bite my bottom lip. Is it bad that I wanted this?

     "Why are you crying again?," His hand was pulled away "don't be scared, I'm not going to bite you". He whispered the last part. I had opened my eyes, and looked down at him, shocked at the fact that he had justified his actions. Though, he didn't have to.

      Sawyer's eyes were covered by his thick locks of Black, oily hair...but I knew he was looking up at me. Just like I was looking down at him.

"I-it's ok, Master. I'm sorry, Master. Do what you wish, Ma-" The words flew out of my mouth. I didn't even finish what I had to say, before he cut me off. "Don't use 'Master' For every fucken sentence Switches! It annoys the hell out of me!" He snapped, still not showing me those gorgeous eyes.

And just like that, I shut-up.

      I was going to respond, but I didn't know how. He was just so hard to read. I just can't keep up with him, or his emotions. I wrapped my tail around my lower body, in an attempt to keep it hidden. And as best I tried, I wasn't doing a very good job.

    "The game we're playing is all about taste. It's been around since the beginning of time, darling. All vampires play this game every once in a while, with their kittens, it's tradition" He was sitting up now, me still on his lap, shaking violently. "H-How do you play?"

I wasn't curious. I was much more nervous.

     It's true, Master's tongue is forked like that of a snake. I find it...attractive.

     "That is for me to show you, and for you to find out. Now, shut your eyes" Slowly, I shut my eyes. Leaning into him slightly, taking the scent of vanilla which was his breath. He smelt like an angel, but held onto my ass like Satan himself. Roughly, digging his finger-tips into flesh, he slowly unwrapped my tail from around my body.

"Now, throw your head back..."

    "M-My head?" I stuttered, keeping my eyes closed at all times.

"Yes, throw your head back. Give me your neck, Switches~"

     I did as told, and threw my head back. Unintentionally grinding my lower half against his own, shivering with a groan in response. Did he notice my slip-up? "Now," Sawyer chuckled, pulling me closer ", time for the taste"

     He sat his tongue up against my jaw-line, running the fork up and down my throat. I waited for the feeling of teeth, but it never came. Instead, I was over come in a feeling of bliss. One I'd never fully understood before.

     "Hmm," He pulled away, pulling my face towards his with my chin "You are to no longer be called 'Switches' when we play. Instead, your name shall be 'Strawberry.." He spoke matter-o-factly.

"M-May I ask, why master?"

"That is what you taste like, darling."

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