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•{ Tori's POV }•

A few weeks have passed by since I went on the date with Luca. Every time we are in a room together I can always feel his eyes on me.

Everyday there is more sexual tension but we never do anything about it. It's like we are waiting to see which one of us explodes first.

I've heard the guys talking about how Luca won't even look at another girl and wouldn't even go out to the club with them.

I spend my days training, taking a shower, having a breakfast with Greta in my bedroom, then I go and watch all the guys train trying to figure out what they should work on, then I have lunch with Luca on the roof but only Greta knows about it, and lastly I get dressed and go and have dinner with the family.

I like it here and it's a nice feeling knowing that you belong somewhere surrounded with people that you love and that love you.


I'm now at my normal secret lunch with Luca.
Greta prepares our lunches and then covers for us. She's one of my favorite people now.

"I take it you like it here being you haven't ran yet." Luca says in a tone that almost sounds pained

"Yeah I like it here it actually feels like home. I think I knew from the day I arrived that I would love it here. Almost as if I finally had a place I really and truly belonged." I answer

I see Luca visibly relax and breathe.

"Are you worried I'm going to run?" I ask

Luca looks at the table and sighs.

"Seriously? Why?" I question

"Mafia men have trust issues it's a given in this type of work not only in business but in our personal lives and with your mother running from your father..." Luca trails off

"I have trust issues too. I never had many men in my life and there was only one who never once lied to me and that was Alex's father. My mother running wasn't my choice but she did it because she didn't fit this lifestyle she couldn't even understand it. Everything about it scarred her actually terrified her...but I'm the exact opposite if you haven't noticed. I don't ever run unless it's to protect others. I understand everything perfectly and I kind of fit. I'm not terrified or even scared, I actually feel at peace and sane. I was born for every part of this lifestyle." I tell Luca

He smiles and says "You fit perfectly."

I give him a smile in return

"Now on to the real question would you be willing to go to a dinner party at a restaurant I own with me tonight?" Luca asks

"I will. Who else if going with us?" I ask

"It's just us this time." Luca says

"And what is everyone else going to think about this?" I ask

"I don't know if you are referring to us as in us spending so much time together or as in us being the only two going to this dinner.."
Luca teases

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