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•{ Tori's POV }•

After getting ready I still had a few minutes to spare so Greta got us two Pepsi's and we began to talk. I actually genuinely love talking with her. She reminds me of a fiercer version of my mother.

"Greta did you know my mother?" I ask

"No. I had seen her a couple of times and she always seemed to be so kind hearted. I know she loved to cook although she wasn't aloud in the kitchen much. She didn't talk to the help that much afraid of getting in trouble but she was never rude. I quite liked her but I always knew she wouldn't last here because she was a pure soul that refused to be tainted." Greta says

"And yet you think I'm going to last here?" I ask

"Yes I do. I think your soul was tainted the minute you were born but it seems only in the most perfect of ways." Greta answers

"Well okay then." I reply

"And for the record Miss Tori, I don't think you'll just last here. I know you are going to thrive here. I know you are going to find things you never even wanted but you are going to be glad once you find them.. I not only know all of this but I also know that you were born for this. Don't doubt yourself and you'll be fine."
Greta says

"Yes ma'am. Now what about these things that I never wanted but will be glad to find?"
I question Greta

"Tori you don't strike me as a girl who always wanted and dreamed of a prince. I don't think you are the kind of woman needing to be saved by one either." Greta explains a little

"I am not." I say confirming everything

"I think that right now you are about to step into a whole other world...and once you walk out that door there is no turning back. You'll realize you are either all in or out. There won't be a flirty middle anymore." Greta says

"Let me get this straight you can pick up on how I feel about relationships and yet you still think Luca and I are going to become something?" I ask

"Not just something but it'll be everything. Call me crazy but I think the two of you are a match made in heaven and hell. I don't think it'll be a fairytale but it'll have its fairytale moments.
I don't even think either of you will fully realize it until it could be to late." Greta warns

"What if he is an arrogant player who thinks I should just obey him like a dog? Because if that's the case I'm stabbing him tonight."
I say

"Despite what it might seem he isn't arrogant. His mother taught him to value women. He's had his fair share of one nighters and a few meaningless girlfriends that only lasted a month at most but he isn't a player. He's to loyal for that. Trust me loyalty runs deep inside his veins...but I'm sure you'll still find a reason to stab him." Greta says with a smile

"I'm not just going to stab him for no reason. If he really isn't arrogant or a player then as long as he doesn't try to command me we won't have a problem." I tell her

She just shakes her head with a smile.


I hear a knock on the door and Greta goes to open it. When she does it reveals a good looking yet highly dangerous Italian man and yet I'm not even slightly nervous anymore.

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