Chapter 18

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Monroe was the one who had decided to shadow me. He had been convinced all along that I had been in tow with Lauren, so early this morning, he had put together a SWAT team and set out to surveil me. Obviously, his hard work had been fruitful.

The sounds they had recorded and misunderstood was of Lauren masturbating and me groaning over her in my bed. Over a listening device, the noises all sounded the same, as if they were coming from the same room. That meant, as far as the CIA knew, we had sex that morning and probably had so before as well, and then based on the conversation we had outside my building, we were indeed lovers who were conspiring against the government.

"For the millionth time, Lauren and I are not a couple," I said as I sat in the interrogation room, looking up at Howard who paced the floor and Monroe who sat in the metal chair in front of me, looking like he was getting a blowjob. The satisfied smirk on his lips made me physically sick. I wanted nothing more than to punch him right in his fucking face. "The only reason why he was in my apartment was because he showed up out of nowhere. As you said so yourself last night, Howard, Lauren could've taken Zac, so I patched her up so she wouldn't bleed out, because if she did, we would never get to the bottom of this Zac thing! Not to mention the USB!"

"She claims she doesn't have it anymore," Howard said, glancing at me with a disappointment. He couldn't put it into context that I had actually done this – betrayed him, our government. The irony was hilarious. "She won't tell us where she left it, and after a search of your apartment, we're confident she didn't leave it there."

I concealed my surprise with a flat face, but I was shocked. If they had searched my apartment, they should've found not only the USB, but also the files Lauren had in that suitcase. Why hadn't they? Unless... were they bluffing? Were they trying to make me slip up somehow?

Change of strategy then. "Then why are you still keeping me here? I've explained everything to you, she was there because she was injured—"

"But why did she come to you?" Howard interrupted, clenching his jaw. "You must realize how it looks, Camila. A national enemy you've been boasting loudly about killing shows up at your doorstep, whereafter you take her in and bandage her up. And the recordings we got on you afterwards..."

"Howard, please," I begged him. "Believe me, I know how it sounds, but you know me, I'm telling the truth—"

"People lie, evidence doesn't," Monroe snapped, cutting me off. "She conveniently knew about your tattoo that time in the extraction room, then she kissed you because the fucker just couldn't control herself, then you had your fun in the champagne room at the Trojan Horse club, and now this," Monroe said, pressing the recorder on the table so it played the five seconds of Lauren's grunting in the shower and my groaning before he stopped it again. "We've got recordings of you two in the street as well. You're done for, Camila, just fucking confess."

"You're such a fucking idiot," I said, glaring flatly at Monroe. "All you want is my goddamn office, why don't you confess to that. You've wanted me gone ever since I beat you in that shooting contest."

"You didn't beat me, you distracted me—"

"Enough, you two," Howard sternly broke through. He gave us both a glance. "Whatever rivalry that's going on between you, I order you to put it aside. We have a national threat at our hands." When me and Monroe just glanced viciously at each other, he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Look, Camila. Lauren is down in the extraction room again. Given the injuries she had already obtained before she arrived, she's likely to crack under soon. If you really care for her, then give yourself up and just tell us everything. Spare her the pain she's going through."

I pressed my lips tightly together and looked between Monroe and Howard again. I couldn't confess. With Zac gone, Lauren captured, and my boss now doubting me, I didn't know who to trust. If the mole was in here, behind these walls... then I couldn't tell them about the information Lauren had shared with me. They had truly been above my paygrade, and I knew they were above Howard's as well, so he didn't know anything about it. Unless he was the mole, of course.

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