VSE Convenes Panel on Future of Globalization

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Canada owes its financial success to trade, however U.S. President Donald Trump's move away from multilateral agreements leaves the nation helpless.

This was only one of the thoughts set forth during a panel discussion convened by the Vancouver School of Economics to address the future of globalization.

Called Walls versus Bridges: Moving Goods, People and Ideas, the recognized board included David Emerson, corporate chief and public policy advisor, Chris Fowler, president and CEO of Canadian Western Bank, Frederick L.A. Grauer, senior advisor and director of Course Hero and director of Credit Sesame, Darren Huston, founder and CEO of Blackpines Global Advisor and Patricia M. Mohr, corporate chief and financial analyst and commodity market specialist.

The panelists, many of whom were UBC alumni, discussed a wide range of issues that affect the global economy: from international trade to resource allocation to the integration of labour markets.

The board was a piece of a program to celebrate the inaugural Bachelor of International Economics graduating class and the new home of the Vancouver School of Economics, The Iona Building.

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