Chapter 1: Chantelle Black

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People always tell me; how cool it is to live in the upper East side of New York. It's great, don't get me wrong. I've lived my whole life here. Thanks to my parents. Dad has the most famous bakery in New York. He named it, 'Black's Bakery'. Yeah he changed it, since we all are black's and it's a family business, it fits more. Mom is one of the Best Seller around the world. Her book, about her story with dad made a fortune. Well uncle Cole has a best seller too, it's his little love story with aunt Bella. They are both amazing Writers.

Me, I'm a simple girl who loves fashion. Just kidding. I'm a simple girl. Who most of the time attends high society events thanks to my parents.
My brother Aaron is studying to become a fashion designer along with his boyfriend. They're so cute together. They're already engaged. This is their last year studying.

Our cousin's live in Miami. They visit on holidays.

Me on the other hand, just started college. I want to become a kindergarten teacher. I love kids and one day in the future, I would love to have my own. But that's way far from now.

I just have one flaw, I love shopping, I'm a shopaholic. Since I have an extended credit card from my mom, I shop till there's no money left in it. I'm also not spoiled, sure I shop, but as far as being a brat and throwing a tantrum when I don't get what I want, that's not me. I just accept the consequences of my actions.

"These shoes were a must." I said while hugging the box.

"Chan, I love you, but you're out of control with your shopping." Maggie told me.

Maggie has been my best friend since kindergarten. I love this human being. She was the only one who wanted to be my friend. Like real friend, not fake ones. I've had fake friends. They treated Maggie like trash just because she isn't high society. Her family is middle class.

If you live in the upper East side, classes matter. But to me it doesn't. Like I said before, I'm very simple and I don't mind associating with all classes. My family is very humble. Dad even has a foundation in honor of Uncle Aaron. He helps people from the lower class and to make their dreams come true.

"I know, how mad do you think my parents will be?"

"On a scale from 1 to 10, I say a 100." she replied.

"Maybe mom won't notice."

"You realize all your purchases go to her bill, right?"

"Yeah, don't remind me." I sighed as I plopped on my bed.

"Young lady, we need to have a serious talk." I got up and saw my parents. Oh boy.

"Well, it's been a pleasure knowing ya." She grinned. "Call you later." She gave me a hug then got up, "hi Mrs. And Mr. Black." She hugged them and then left.

"So, how's the weather?"

"It's about to get very cloudy." Dad said with an evil smile.

"This was your last warning, Chantelle. You know what this means right?" Mom said with crossed arms.

"Yeah." I sighed.

"Starting next week, you will work in my friend's mechanic shop." Dad informed me.

"Are you serious? A mechanic garage? Are you insane? I will get fired."

"Don't worry, little princess, they will assign you someone to guide you." He replied.

"You will learn what is like to work hard to earn money. Let's see if after this you will want to buy something for 500$. When it comes from your sweat, you will think twice before buying something. Time to grow up, baby girl." Mom told me in a calm tone.

"Fine, but can I keep my phone. Please don't take it away." I pouted.

"Only because we need to reach you in case of an emergency. Now go clean your hands and come down for dinner." Dad told me before leaving with mom.

Oh, the joys of getting new job and cut off from mom's credit card.


The next day I did my daily routine and grabbed breakfast with my family.

"Hey, little shopaholic." Aaron said in a teasing way.

"Hey, annoying. How come you're here for breakfast?" I said while giving him a side hug.

"Marcos is having a crisis, one of the buttons for the shirt we have to present for class later, is missing. So, I told him I would grab breakfast and then go back to him." He said with a cheeky smile.

We just laughed. Got to love Aaron.

"You have it in your pocket, don't you?" Dad questioned him.

"Know me so well, see last night he was being a drama queen, so it's payback today. You defrost chicken instead of steak and it's crazy town there." That caused us to laugh.

"But everything is okay with you two?" Mom asked.

"Yes, we're crazy in love." He smiled, "but he needs to understand to not make a big deal out everything. He drowns in a glass of water. But I do love that drama queen."

"As long as you're happy." I smiled as he smiled too.

Marcos can be a bit of a drama queen, but no, this isn't your typical love story, where guy is a dick and leaves. Marcos is the sweetest guy, he's just dramatic. But if you love Someone, you love him even with their flaws.

Sadly, I've never been in love. I've had dates, had my first kiss. Even my first time with a guy I dated for a month. We got in the heat of the moment. Do I regret my first time? No, it was really fun. That twosome became threesome, it was his best friend who happens to be a girl.

I'm not an innocent girl, let's say, high school was a great time for me. I experienced a lot. You would think rich kids are innocent. No, that's what they make their parents believe. Reality, they love to experience everything. Even if it's bad. I count myself in. But that chapter is behind me.

I want a new chapter with someone special. I want to experience love.

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