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I hope you like this! I'm kind of scared that it won't be good enough, haha.

To be completely clear, Harry is a human-kitten boy (Hybrid) and he has fluffy gray cat ears sitting atop his head along with a bushy gray tail. He can't speak, cause he never learned how to, so he is basically too innocent for his own kind. And he is NOT in full kitten form in this prologue-or ever for this story! :))

At Age Twelve

"Get back here, ya piece of shit!"

Well, I'm guessing that was not what you'd expect at all. That, my friends, was the sound of an alcoholic, too drunk to stop himself from harming his little son.

"Once I find you, it'll be a bloody beating is s'what your gon' get!"

Whimpering softly, the small boy dug his sharp nails into the carpet whilst pressing his back further against his closets small wall. A loud stomp and more shouting, to which he had no idea what was being said, terrified him to a whole other extent. Something shattered on the hardwood floor and his grey cat-like ears picked up the sound of his bedroom doorknob twisting open. His eyes welled up with tears, heavy breathing coming right outside the closet.

"C'mout, c'mout little kitten," The voice whispered, more soothingly this time. And sadly, the kitten boy fell for it so easily. He pawed at the door until it suddenly opened. There stood his drunk father, smirking at the little boy sitting on the ground. "Up we go, Harry," He demanded, roughly grabbing the kitten's weak arms and pulling him to his feet.

Harry stumbled and tripped on his own two feet, not quite familiar with walking just yet. But, once he copied his fathers foot movements, he slightly got it down, still occasionally tripping.

"Sit." He pushed little Harry on the couch, an audible squeal escaping past his rosy red lips. "Oh shut up," His father groaned in annoyance and went to reach for his brown belt lying on the coffee table. Once Harry set his eyes on the familiar piece of leather, he began whimpering and scurrying towards the far end of the couch.


He stayed put this time, burying his face in the cushions. He allowed his father to rip off his dirty white shirt so he could whip his bare skin. Tears were never ending, along with the horrible sound of leather meeting skin.

"Be a good fucking boy next time my mates are over," His father grunted before dropping belt on his son and walking off to the kitchen to fetch another bottle. "Fucking crawling into the room like a stupid baby."

While his father stumbled off to bed, Harry stayed put; too afraid to move. Instead, he waited till sun rise so he could finally sit. The ache in his back felt too unbearable, so he walked and crawled stiff the entire day. But, the surprise he got once his father had awoken was quite shocking and very unexpected for the poor boy.

Hi, I love you.

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