The Day of Skywalker

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Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, walked past a stunned Rey, unafraid. He appeared in total peace. He was only focused on one thing: his breakthrough.

Sidious and his former apprentice Anakin scowled at each other. The arena dove into a canyon of silence. The Force lightning ceased.

"You..." Palpatine uttered. "The failed apprentice. The days of Skywalker are over. There is no more hope. I have decimated my enemies. The Republic is no more, the Rebellion is vanishing, and the final word in the story of Skywalker is now written."

Anakin huffed. "Amazing. Every word you just wrong. The Republic is reborn today. The Rebellion is winning. The story of Skywalker is only just being written."

"You will never win."

"It's good you chose an arena for this," Anakin retorted. "Everyone can see me destroy you. I am with the Force and the Force is with me."

The Emperor laughed in a sinister tone, standing up from his enormous throne. "! You will die!" He shot a blitz of lightning at Anakin, who blocked it with the lightsaber. 

Rey tried to creep away as waves of Force energy emanated from Palpatine and Anakin. She crept nearer to Ben Solo, who was on the floor, barely watching the spectacle.

"You cannot stop me this time, Skywalker!" the Emperor roared. "I have become more powerful than any Sith, or any Jedi. I am all the Sith!" He sent a vast surge of Force energy towards Anakin, but the latter pushed back with an equal measure.

"Well, it's a good thing that I'm not a Jedi either," Anakin replied through the torrents of Force energy the Emperor threw his way. "I am simply the balance. I am the Force."

"And I am the full power of the Dark Side!" Sidious retorted. He created a blaze of Force fire that burned a demonic blue. Pushed by an invisible wind, it surrounded Anakin in a tornado of fire as he held it steady with his outstretched hand. But even he was losing the battle. It inched closer to his form with every passing moment. Was he strong enough?

He was losing. To add to the problems, the tornado birthed Force lightning as the Emperor's laughs howled in the background.

"Forever will you be weaker than I! Always the servant, always the slave, Skywalker!" His laugh boomed all the more. Anakin grunted. It was seeming like too much. The Dark Side might just prevail. Was the prophecy wrong?

Out of nowhere, Rey, wielding Leia's lightsaber, jumped down onto the Emperor in hopes of landing a strike. Luckily, he noticed this and focused his other arm onto freezing her in place mid-air. "Pathetic!" he spat. He formed a single bolt of lightning that rammed into her from behind. It sent her flying through the air, tumbling across the arena floor. She landed several feet from Ben, totally motionless.

The simple distraction was exactly what Anakin needed. Rey might've just saved the day. The powers of the Emperor dialed down just enough for Anakin to counter. He lifted up both arms, sending forth a wave of the Force. It shoved the tornadic fire and lightning away on all sides as the ground shook. Igniting his lightsaber, Anakin jumped straight through the blazing wall and into Palpatine, who retaliated with a fierce fury of lightning. 

Blocking it with the lightsaber at the last second, the attack startled Anakin and pushed him away. But he wouldn't back down. He channeled every ounce of the Force possible, slowly making his way to the Emperor. Inch by inch, one foot ahead of the other, he gained ground on the Emperor. The distance between them lessened to only a body's length.

"!" the Emperor roared. "The Sith have returned! Our day is only just rising!"

"No, never again," Anakin retorted. "Our day is only just rising. I was wrong to ever believe you and fall to the darkness. It's ironic! You unwittingly created me all those years ago. So really, you, Sheev Palpatine, destroyed yourself."

"No!" he boomed. His voice was shaky now.

Anakin was very close now, the Skywalker lightsaber holding true against the onslaught of the Dark Side. The lightning shortened. The power began to dwindle. The conflict was coming to a head.

"Goodbye, Master," Anakin whispered. He felt like it was destiny. The full power of the Force surged from him, cutting into the Emperor as his own lightning struck his face. The hood of Darth Sidious was ripped off. Soon, skin followed, blowing away like sand. 

"No!" was the final word the Emperor uttered before falling into dust. There was an ear-splitting, blinding explosion of light as the arena crumbled onto the thousands of Sith loyalists in its stands. 

A few minutes passed. Each one elongated into an eternity. Ben's ears were ringing. He feared this was the end.

The light of day began to enter his eyelids as the war above began to subside. Was the Rebellion winning?

His hearing began to return to normalcy. Then, he remembered what had occurred. 


He jumped up and looked everywhere. The arena was razed to mere ashes, the Emperor was destroyed, and Anakin had vanished.

A short distance away lay Rey. Her robes were charred with electricity. He stumbled over to her and fell beside her body. He looked around again for anything, anyone to help. 

Gathering her in his arms, he glanced around for the hundredth time. Helpless, he looked into her closed eyes. Was she alive?

He hugged Rey tightly. Her head rested on his shoulder as tears began to fill his eyes. 

Then he finally got a bright idea. Check her pulse. He pressed his ear onto her chest, listening for even the faintest beat.

He heard it. He felt it. But something was wrong. It was erratic. At the same time, he felt liquid on the hand that steadied her back. 

Shifting his weight, he discovered blood—and a coin-sized hole. She had been stabbed with Palpatine's lightning.

He swallowed deep. It couldn't end like this. He wouldn't allow it. They had come this far. He'd rather die a thousand lives than live without her for only one more day. He was done being Kylo Ren. He truly had eaten his own words and let the past die.

Channeling the Force, he placed his hand on the gaping wound. Nothing. He kept trying, focusing everything within upon her frame. Now he felt something. A power. A Force. Its peaceful, wondrous aura ran through him and into her.

Be with me, Rey. Be with me.


See Lucasfilm, Disney? All you nerf-herders? It actually isn't that difficult.

Next part should be either tomorrow or Sunday. May the Force be with you!

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