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1- people say i look like

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1- people say i look like..
- i need to lose weight- lmao kidding they say i look like my sissy a lot when i dont.

2- i always have..
- something to say-

3- my relationship status..
- single asf.

4- i hate paying for..
- anything that isn't mine-

5- i still believe in..
- love.

6- people often call me..
- as in what way? nickname or description-
if nickname (blue) and description is (cute).

7- i like to read..
yeonjungbear 's books (my everything-), sanaflakes 's books (a must), cozUzi  nim's books (OBVIOUSLY), and WhileATeen unnie's books <33

8- my friends are..
- yeonjungbear and scrEECHYENNIE

9- i don't understand..
- why whenever i call someone cute or amazing they go, "no im not lmao" like bij stfu ilysm and i want you to know that i'll give you the whole world if you let me. and im not talking about certain people, im talking about everyone i've told that to.

10- currently i should be..
- in your heart duh.

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